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Based on Yahoo or as I like to we could do either of you do the you member the Yahoo yodel hello that took a great job thank god all right my producers B. R. and I'll finish it off with the ER they're all pretty bad all pretty bad yeah well mine was a lead well I disagree on this day in nineteen ninety five at Yahoo was officially incorporated fourteen months after its founding in so yeah who's the topic of our trivia question you can't Google this because you can't Google Yahoo answers what was young who originally called before the company changed its name great question here what was John who originally called before the company changed its name your P. yeah it's it's it's not Y. who also you that and again Texas at six three five six six will do the third correct response is going to get a pair of one day lift tickets to what you said and again Texas at six three five six six well the answer in a little bit Tucker I want to get your opinion on this just because you're more plugged into this world that I am yep sports betting starting to make its way through the Massachusetts legislature to potentially legalize it generates in tax revenue eight you think this is gonna happen this year be what do you think about it in general yes this is been on the works for a while it's been long overdue and it's just Massachusetts legislature for yeah we saw it you know with the whole cannabis you know while here in Massachusetts so really no surprise that they're dragging their feet again and Charlie Baker's behind it seems like right yes I think it gets done the big thing this is moving to it's it's now moving to a committee in the Massachusetts house in order to it's it's out of the joint committee on economic development now and so it's moving on to another committee and then eventually would you know move on forward from there big things the proposal would allow people twenty one or older to bid on professional in D. one college athletic events imposing a ten percent tax and revenue from in person wagers and twelve percent for online as well as daily fantasy sports yeah I assume that's just there's gonna be spillover if you go to an opportune actual parlor so we don't need to tax credits on we're just trying to favor the on what the actual parlors probably favoring them favoring in person you're creating jobs here so you get a lower tax rate out there a couple things that did bother me about this okay no I'm not a sports gambler but if I were I can't gamble on division three sports what if I got nothing else going on and I want to give one division three softball you're telling me I can't do it legally in mass yes we're telling you get to high school can't do you know my talk high school high school I'm fine with I I know I'm kidding yeah I yeah I'm but there are there are ways to do that on D. three sports if you will I'm sure there are I mean it you got to be a real degenerate to be gambling on law yeah three you lose absolutely yeah and especially in the D. three sports area at like the opportunity for bribery and just all sorts of bad happen and that's what I mean like it's bad you know we've seen it in professional sports leagues if your D. three athlete you know you're not going to be making a living on this week if you're D. one athlete you're not hating like most likely you're not going to be they don't have the clothes right why wouldn't you take a look and I'm not saying that like everyone should do this but if you're someone who need some cash and someone comes in and says Hey I'll pay ten grand if you throw this match mmhm how many people really say you know I know we all say that we would but when you're a college student who's broke with no money and someone wants to give you a check for ten grand ethics go out the way pretty quickly for a lot of yeah yeah all right so I I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing some funky stuff popping up in the next couple years yeah I would be shocked at in terms of timing I I do expect it's this year just because there's been so much evidence across the board I know the encore you know there they got a sports bar plan which obviously they're gonna put in some sort of a sports book we're going to put it I don't know it's a big enough space though yeah I'm not sure exactly where you have to imagine this be fantastic for both of them and the MGM Sir yeah I'm Jim Springfield could certainly use a version of that plain ridge park casino you know that's been struggling with its yeah and their slots casino but they the owner of that pence national gambling I just bought a thirty six percent stake in barstool sports which is right there but which is how barstool sports originally started it was a gambling newspaper or distribution pretty much so they're going back to their roots there and you know draftkings based here in Boston has been heavily heavily been sponsoring their sports book services in Massachusetts so just like well why are they you know right spending heavy money in sponsorship money they probably know what's going to happen soon whatever this takes to our poll questions up on financial exchange show dot com what is that poll yep question simply do you plan on legally betting on sports this year my answer is no I I don't really bet on sports I don't it's just the reason I get there there is so I think J. fantasy sports betting I mean I play fantasy league with like the same guys I have for like fifteen years I don't like Israeli okay the big reason why I don't bet on sports is because unlike things like stocks which you know you can kind of look at okay I'm doing this for the long run anything weird can happen on one day were like some guy gets dumped by his girlfriend is in the dumps and has a bad night shooting you know someone sick and you just don't know it and like things like that random crap can affect sports in any one given day yeah and so that's why I don't go in here and let me get kind of give you an example there's a trend in the betting world that you know any visiting team that goes to play the Miami Heat for example they do no contract the Miami fluid fuel meaning they go out in Miami and party the night before and then there I'm over the next day so they're not very good on the floor and that's actually a factor that a lot of debtors look at it's just like things like that real life scenarios that you bring up so I actually understood do you get do you have do we have time for like a quick set a hearing problem and there was a study that was done in the NBA two years ago when the twenty seventeen season and the question was why is home court advantage dwindling in the NBA because historically it had been you know fairly significant but it had dwindled down significantly in recent years and so the question was what wire home teams not as good as they used to be in terms of beating the spread of beating teams by as much as the people said Judy our crowds just less you know of a factor now you know what what is actually the number one culprit that they came to that actually said that Hey this is why we think that the home court advantage doesn't mean as much anymore tinder instead of going out and partying going to clubs all night guys from teams would just be on their phone on tinder so I've been saying Hey get it exactly just going out and like trying to swipe right to as many women as possible instead of going out and partying all night huh okay so they're not you know getting all banged up on that is not a negative impact being home as a positive impact playing away that's that's passenger stands so that's what they hypothesize the biggest reason was was tender was making it so that guys would not be out until four AM in the club yeah looking for a lot of events the first positive tender story that I've ever heard there you go to India I was looking for that race sunshine in there expansion draft the the debut whatever the Vegas and the golden knights didn't have it like one of the best home ice advantages in the entire league because all the sitting team or go to Vegas and just west yeah it makes that makes so much sense it makes a ton of sense because you know if you think that like Miami and LA are fun Vegas is just a whole different animal sure you know it there's no reason to ever go to bed you know Miami at least they turn the lights off at some point early get the heck out of here yeah Vegas Vegas twenty four seven there's someone up at some point all night so it doesn't surprise me one bit gonna take a quick break here when we come back what we want to talk about here yeah let's do this I will do a couple stories on grocery stores one on them stocking up for the corona virus and another one on specialty grocers whose marriage right after this the financial exchanges a live on Facebook so make sure to like our page and watch the guys break down the latest on the market every day beginning at ten on the financial exchange radio network successful.

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