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Streak the NFL second longest in forty eight years sports at thirteen forty five around the clock, John minko. Ten ten win. Sports wins. News time to seventeen that guy was caught on camera and New Hampshire using child swipe prizes from an arcade game has been busted and already say, he's a teacher thirty four year old Anthony linski of Lawrence Massachusetts turned himself into police on Wednesday, and he's been removed from his middle school classroom that according to local school officials a man can be seen on that. Now. Viral surveillance footage with two young children reportedly his own kids and coaching his daughter on how to pull toys out of one of those huge, crane claw games. The girl is later seen poking her head out at the bottom of that machine on exciting. Historical discovery possibly off the coast of Rhode Island. Researchers say they think they've located the side were a sunken ship might be found the one used by eighteenth century. Explorer, captain, cook sail around the world that announcement comes from the Rhode Island marine archaeology project, which is leading the search effort along with the Australian National Maritime Museum the site is in the harbor near the scenic town of Newport archaeologists are meeting in Newport today to discuss it. They say the findings are promising, but it'll take a lot more work and money to actually identify the ship Cook's. Ship was named the endeavor. And he used it on his historic voyage from seventeen sixty eight to seventeen seventy one during which he claimed Australia for the British seventy degrees right now, we have cloudy skies in New York. Humidity is seventy eight percent wins. Meanwhile or com repeating that current temperature seventy going up to seventy four in midtown wins. News.

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