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Twenty eight degrees at four o'clock. Good morning. I'm sue Guzman. A horrific hammer attack at a restaurant in Brooklyn leaves one person dead and two critically injured. Police say the suspect walked into the seaport buffet on Emmons avenue when sheep's head bay and just started going after people at random this woman was working at a business nearby. We will like, you know, all my God. And he looked at us. He says he's running around lock the door. And that's what we did. We locked the door because we didn't know where he was who he was thirty four year old. Chef was killed the sixty year old owner and another person a fifty year old were hurt and rushed to the hospital in critical condition, the hammer wielding man tried to run off, but was eventually arrested by the NYPD democratic New York Senator Kirsten gillibrand taking a first crucial step now and the run for the White House. I'm filing an exploratory committee for president United States. He made the comment on the taping of the late show with Stephen Colbert, she highlighted a commitment to improve the nation's educational system saying she would fight for America's kids is harder. She'd fight for her own Joe, LeBron stated her belief that healthcare should be a right, not a privilege governor Cuomo's laying out in and bishops list of goals or twenty nineteen in his state of the state address in Albany. The governor wants to legalize recreational marijuana expand New York City speed camera program and codify a woman's right to choose. That's right. The rights of Roe v. Wade into the state constitution. So it can never be changed. No matter. What happens? Politically also told lawmakers it is time to pass a Manhattan congestion pricing plan and use the billions raise from the tolls to help fix. What's wrong with the subways? Governor Phil Murphy's delivered. His first state of the state address yesterday at the New Jersey statehouse governor reiterated some of his top priorities including camp. Pain pledges to legalize recreational marijuana raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. And investing in New Jersey transit I am committed to making nj transit. The turnaround story of New Jersey Murphy, also touted his successes, including re-instituting funding for Planned Parenthood. Strengthening New Jersey's already tough gun laws and signing one of the strongest equal pay laws in the country. He also wants to invest in education better infrastructure and offshore wind energy. I'm Lisa G for seven ten w o war employees are going to have to work without pay through the government shutdown the agency recalled forty six thousand workers to work to process tax refunds, the IRS is giving out tax refunds, but it is not performing other functions like auditing..

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