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Too easy payments of four nine. You're you're probably not watching these Clemson at rutgers nebraska nc state and miami penn state are are the three. That's here so that is your tier four. I think we can keep it moving to tier five. Which is the how bad must boston. College beat here. Because boston college once again is not invited to the acc big challenge. Why does he see. Team has to miss out boston college. This is now two years in a row that they've missed out on the acc. Big ten challenge in in their place will be the pitt panthers hosting minute yes yes and the way for his demon deacons hosting the northwestern. Wildcats those games if you watch more than more than two combined minutes of those two games. You deserve some metal. Yeah i love hug something. Yeah but congratulations to coach capable. Because you know he gets snubbed for the duke job and he works overtime to make sure that pit he also proved that pit has its own brand. He's creating his own separate entity there so. It's nice that they jumped over boston college. I think boston college at this point. You know the acc. I is hearing in. You know the they're willing to take calls for the boston. college team. Have boston college if the the big ten wanted boston. College the acc with trade. Boston college probably for just cash. You know cast cash considerations at this point for the boston college eagles even though as we are watching the playoffs. Right now you have to. You have to respect the fact that boston. College alum reggie. Jackson is one of the hosts ridiculous players in the play offs. And i have not heard them once. He went to boston college. And i think that's the problem with you. Know what i mean they need. They need some of that. Like when cam johnson hits a three mike goes and he's a tarheel sorry to the fans but that's what that's what you need. You need a little bit of a boost. Their on the national broadcast. Boston college gets non. So if anything i beg you know. Mark jackson jeff van. Gundy somebody to bring up. They're ready. jackson went to boston college. I think that will help them get back in the national limelight. Also a problem for boston college. I just googled right. The second as you were talking boss college head coach basketball enter and the big result popped up in big bold letters. Is jim christian. Yeah i mean. I think a lot of people probably think he's still exactly exactly. They're like he's good idea that's all he'll ever be. You know wishes pretigious christian still the coach honestly all over america. America would believe us. That's not the problem with those earl grant like we just pretend he is jim christian so he tweeted out pictures of grant another great went for jim christian and tertre by jim christian buddha thought because no one knows what jim chris looks like. Yeah no one. Where's jim christian now. Nobody knows nobody Yeah those are the big challenge game so get excited about those of the announced today and say that maryland got royally screwed out of the situation. This was a good time for maryland to duke to come up there to get the word. It duke went was going to be the game. I'm happy for you know coach oltman coach of the program. Happy for your ohio state buckeyes and glad they're getting that game but if he went to maryland. That's a chance for juan dixon. In order to come show up and go to the game. Steve blake's at the game o. J. j. redick actually showed up here. Now steve blake Sees jay williams. Who's calm college. Game day he decides he wants to fight jay williams again. And you know there's moments there that it's awesome to be here at the very game duke maryland.

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