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Done nothing. Nothing would you know what you know. What augustine i i. I'm with you on that. But at the same time in the back of my mind i'd be one in like what is he doing in my mind. Start wondering like what is he doing. Is he kinda conjure up something i because people you know what i'm jay i'm over here like i'm worried because i heard from hey person that don't stop. They are saying what are you doing you doing something. But i refuse to let my mind go there. Because it's been on him so much twenty four seven for the last. What four years now. So i'm done. Well you know what he has a. He has a platform He he has a platform. He has hannity on fox and he has rush limbaugh on the radio so his has a way to get when he comes up with a plan and he talked with his boys like he gave he gave rush limbaugh congressional medal of honor. Four one. what what what has gone medal of freedom. Whatever it is presidential medal of freedom. What why he getting any chain around his neck. Anything is he honored food. What don't what has he done to help mankind people. What has he done to save. What man. I know what still i'll say the funniest thing. Go ahead no go ahead. No i was just gonna say. I can't get these out of my mind. These bernie sanders every show round where ernie any baptism approval. I threw it ahead of me that but they said connor mcgregor joking bernie said they're really funny you know he has a great sense of humor. But they're gonna get t shirts and sweat shirts printed out and then they're going to give that money to meals on wheels to help Older citizens who can't get wound up. Yeah i think they have some already but yeah just been funny. Those mittens. Did you see the one with o. J. in court remember he had the gloves. Take with the midland. Oj's hands the one with janet jackson. Yes yes the cover album when she hit. Yes guys hands covering her breasts. Did y'all see we had the mid the scene and goes when they had to clay pottery. Yeah be more up. Bernie's yeah they've been having so much fun with bernie. I'm glad he does. But you know like you were saying steve. At least now we have some hope. I know about everything but let me ask you. This lowered of thought. I was feeling like okay. I'm at a point now. I don't have to wake up every morning and watch the news. But there's something immediate still feel like still need to watch the news like it ain't overlay. Is something going to happen. I'm still at detmold right now. Like i still feel like. I got to get up and watch the new. Because it ain't i feel like look man. I watched the news. I watch the news. But i don't care you know. Do look man. donald trump. He had such a weight over the new rate news. And you know man unless he said it ain't real and You know fox. Is this season he tweeted. I'm just glad you know. I'm just glad that it's som- decency in the white house. You know just somebody man. Who's not an embarrassment to us. Look man. look this guy. Joe biden can't fix a miracle. I got night man. He's not gonna stop quite supremacist from being white supremacist. He's not gold. Stop trumpism from being what it is. Ease go make some headway. But at least the rhetoric coming from the top won't be as divisive is gonna take a lot to get this country unified because it's just from hateful as people it ain't do it no matter what and i'm not naive enough to think that they are because they're not hate will be with us. Always racism will all. We never read a kate racism. This ain't heaven man brother. Come on man. This is still feeling the world right plane and we stay aware of the power that we have for the vote in not get complacent good points. Elections come up. Let's see. I don't understand but we should never not vote again. We should never be in a position where we don't think we should not be voting. That's right y'all have a good one. We'll see all mall stay. Well now talk to god. He loves it. Here from steve harvey contests no purchase necessary void where prohibited participants must be legal. Us residents at least eighteen years old. Unless otherwise stated for complete contest rules visit steve harvey fm dot com. You're listening party morning show..

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