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To two hundred fourteen dollars more person mestre regions also approved a one percent pay raise for faculty and staff at the university it's too early to decide if justin hansen's trial could be moved out of bernallio county that was the decision today from the judge in the case hansen is accused of nearly beating death then seventeen year old brittany marcel with a shovel in two thousand eight defense lawyers want to move the trial which is set to begin next month in albuquerque k obt reports the judge ruled there needs to be a large jury pool with an extensive questionnaire before the decision can be made the opioid crisis in new mexico it's getting the attention of the federal drug administration fda commissioner scott gottlieb tells news radio kk you'll be in an exclusive interview that his department needs to increase its inspection of packages entering the country because nearly ten percent of them contain some kind of drugs there has been as experienced in new mexico had growing of synthetic panels coming into the country that are highly potent and causing overdose step guide leap says another weapon against opioid addiction is to limit the number of pills that can be prescribed by doctors people came to new mexico to recover from tuberculosis during the early twentieth century now the goal is to get rid of tuberculosis altogether diana fortune with the state health department says they're making progress with the help of project echo at unm ninety six we have had a sixty six percent drop in the numbers of people with infectious tbn new mexico we had thirty seven people in two thousand seventeen that had.

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