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Towards Newton corner ease pounds on upward sixteen to Newton corner as well Mike king WBZ's traffic on the three days all right bye thanks we'll talk to you a little bit and the forecast starting tonight cloudy in the thirties tomorrow in the forties hip repeat in the class for the rest of the week but then it'll be rain clouds Wednesday and Thursday and Friday maybe with a wintry mix maybe a little bit of snow right now looks like rain along the coast where it's forty five degrees this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch ever stop good Monday night Laurie curvy or the five things you need to know at six fifteen from prison riot inmate lawsuits the latest ripple behind the maximum security prison in surely in churches schools and homes Iowans get ready to call kiss the WBZ TV I. T. reports convicted rapist and again there will be released from prison on medical parole after more than thirty five years behind bars undocumented immigrants fight for the right to drive legally in Massachusetts senators on Wednesday plan to vote whether to acquit or convict president trump on Q. articles of impeachment the closing arguments are over defense counsel Jay Sekulow said the house brought charges that didn't meet the bar the framers set no amount of testimony could change that fact but lead house manager Adam Schiff.

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