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Outstanding family owned by they're just amazing spare works leander beer market is great as well but my new favorite hang out is the culinary dropout in the domain now what's going on there beautiful people just oh my goodness so it's like the gym data it's a beautiful place man the hiring manager culinary dropout if you can put a sentence together look good it's not like that it no they're very very good wage said they probably one of the best wait staff's that of eighty restaurant i've ever seen or what is their just incredibly good service incredibly good beer just a cool place to go and have some drinks play some corn whollyowned i'm not i'm not a big beer guy i'm not i don't crave beer i don't it's not my main thing we know we know you squat uttering more wine or gotten into deep eddy vodka we know you're half woman whatever the grove is pretty good at cedar park the grove is that the same grove that they have in austin saint people i dunno got magin it is hop dadis get some text message hop dotty i don't know i don't know i gotta try it again i waited an enormous amount of time and it was not blown away yard house in the domain for a beer then there there i gotta check that out that's a cool place when peaks has the best cold beers is what one texter says dance hamburgers casino el camino hamburgers moonies is very good there moonies what kind of hamburger is it is it a good greasy hamburger what what's going on at mooney's that isn't describe it very well you say that all the time is is it good greasy hamburger you destroy what did you describe it.

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