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Control the winning team owner and we talked about going back to Sydney motor sport park and what getting off to such a good start of the season means for him at the team and chez monster, particularly considering what happened last year at the full races there. Here in for a bit hit or miss, in fact, we've probably missed a few more than me hits, so we're a little bit concerned that coming here after Newcastle got postponed that this is going to be a tough weekend for us. But then again, we thought it was an opportunity that maybe everything we've been learning over the last four or 5 months is gives an opportunity to try and show and put that into practice what we've been doing in the car and fortunately it's been a pretty good weekend. Real shame for Nick because he has some good car pace and unfortunately had him up there he probably would have been not far behind chaz today as well. But obviously he had an incident with Scott pie, but if a car 25 fantastic effort all weekend, great cool and strategy from Adam Dubois, but most importantly, the car was fast. So yeah, it's encouraging. The work you did over the off season with the changes in the team and the team structure, the development work has been extremely productive too based on the feedback from the two drivers. Yeah, you know, you're never going to get perfect race cars, but a lot of hard work has gone into it and as I said, it's good to come here at a track we normally struggle at and get some trophies. So yeah, very happy so far. When you look at the overall picture, you start off the year with the car leading the championship. Obviously, a teams championship is high on the agenda, but do you also have to have a mind for what 2023 has and how to balance off going for broke this year over what you need to do to prepare for next year. Oh no, I mean, we'll be working both in tandem once we get the information and decide which what we're doing for next year. But yeah, I mean, we're focusing what you're taking one event at a time, focusing on ourselves and hopefully if we continue doing that, the results will follow. And after a few other tracks where you do have good data and good results over the years. Yeah, I mean, yeah, at the same time, I don't think you can put too much value in how well someone does to the track last year this year. Everyone's working really, really hard. Everyone's really, really competitive. Everyone else down pit lane would have been doing lots of development as well. So I think it's going to be an interesting season. And for opening up a borders and travel, how does that affect what the team does and we've been so insular like teams are doing ride days again and those sorts of things that make the partnerships, which is all part of our team. Yeah, absolutely. It's really nice for me because I can actually travel in and out of Australia again. So let's go to the international borders of open, but the state board is opening up as well as obviously great. And I think most importantly is being able to get fans back at events and hopefully I continue because you know not having the fans here. Just it's a pretty sour atmosphere and we want to go and race in front of fans and we want the fans to be able to join and enjoy our product and engage with us. So I'm just happy we're here able to move around in the fans are able to come and join us. What's wrong, more control, like when you can't make all the moves that he needs to do and be in the places he wants to be. Pretty bloody grumpy to be honest. Well, a wind makes you happy and it was a very, very solar performance from the whole team. Yeah, no, thank you very much. Jamie, we can one in a different role. How does it feel? Feels good for you. I think there's only two teams in pit lane that I got to win this weekend and we're one of them. So when we're very grateful for that, it didn't quite maximize too many mistakes, but we'll go ahead. How do you feel standing in the garage and watching it all going on around? And not having the same level of input that you had three months ago. Yeah, I did. It's different, you know, and changes because it's a holiday as I keep saying. So I was lucky enough to be a driver for 18 years, decided to it was time for change and I feel like my mother out decision. The sleepless nights with a new bad house all that going with that have made a big impact to the driving. I'm not sure I'm not sure, but I'm enjoying the family side of things. Enjoying the change in life. Yeah, yeah. In the last couple of years, I think everyone should have had a bit of a bit of a reflection on life and made some changes and there's more change in my life than I've ever had. And to be honest, I'm enjoying it. It's fantastic. Is it 9 to 5? That you didn't have before because you had businesses you were looking after a number of different interests and they were certainly not trivial pursuits. Yeah. Is it significantly different to that? I know the head is different. It is different. I wouldn't say significantly different. No, it's just about there's a lot to do and it's a matter of just maximizing the time you've got to fit everything in, you know, and that includes that includes family time and personal life also, but it's busy. My last busy, I don't like my social life pretty ordinary at the moment. It's all my control that this team operates at a very high level. So yeah, no, no, I'm enjoying enjoying the balance. And the men person management that your role now, is that something that comes naturally to you? It does, for sure, for sure. Yeah, I'm a big part of this business been a big part of for a long time. Most of the people here are family to me. So I'm looking forward to working together for a long time ago. Like you said, a trophy out of the weekend, but you're a perfectionist. Yeah. How many items are you going to be working through in between now and yeah, we might have list for ourselves today, unfortunately. Yesterday was fantastic, but we made a list for ourselves today, so we'll do what we always do on day break well and make sure we come out stronger in a few weeks time. And the decision to put Brock in the car vindicated after the first weekend. I think you did a great job. Yeah, yeah. Top ten yesterday. Battle pretty hard on the race there, which was nice to see. You know, it's not saying giving a little bit back here and there. He'd gain a heap of experience with 600 ks or icing didn't he got every race mile out. So I think he did a great job. All the best. Thank you very much. Thank you. George Collins. The second place on Sunday and good speed from the boost mobile powered by erebus team throughout the weekend across podcast. Yeah, for sure. I mean, we sort of picked up where we left off, which is what we're aiming to do. We actually went into a different direction again today, and that paid out quite well for both the web and the dry. So much better on the wet this year than what we were last year. It was certainly a weakness for us here. So we improved that a lot as well. So yeah, overall, pretty happy. We're very happy. What do you embroidery talk about? Because Brody, of course, he wanted that win pole position. How do you talk him and to him about that? And about the other things you achieved, even if you didn't get the first place trophy. Well, Gabby, we look at what we did well and then what we should have done to get that last place to get the win. So it's a bit of a victim of circumstance really in some ways, but we still could have had a little bit more pace on the web probably, which could have been challenged him. We were quicker than everybody to go home, but unfortunately, just had an edge on this in the wet as well. So, you know, we'll just keep trying to find a little bit more as well. So someone who's watching supercars and you have this weather and these differences in weather. How much is this previous knowledge and just experience on wendigo to wets, when to stay on dries and how much is it just dumb luck on how things play out? It's definitely the wet to dry core. Sorry, the dried or wack halls very much experience, but also very much on the part of the driver. It's typically the driver has to call it a wet and the engineers have the call from wet to dry is how you house the only place that you give the driver updated with what time people are doing and then give them the option to pit and then when they think it's too wet, they come in and so we played it. You bite it well today. We probably could have afforded to do one more lap.

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