Bloomberg, United States, Blackberry discussed on Meet the Press


Fire near Los Angeles has claimed three lives and his eighty eight percent contained. I'm Ann Cates. And I'm Mark mills in the Bloomberg radio newsroom. UK Prime Minister Theresa may continues. Her battle to sell her. Brexit proposal despite strong opposition to the plan from within her own party. It is even possible that may could face a vote of no confidence in parliament this week. If she can't win enough support for the divorce plan, she has negotiated with the EU blackberry. The former mobile phone giant that's now focused on producing software is acquiring cybersecurity company. Silence for one point four billion dollars. Bloomberg's Greg Jarrett reports Waterloo, Ontario, based blackberry says the acquisition of silence would enable it to add other official intelligence capabilities to its existing software products, according to blackberry, the all cash deal would close before the end of its current fiscal year in February twenty nineteen Greg Jarrett, Bloomberg radio the Asia Pacific Economic cooperation summit in Papua New Guinea, wrapped up without Lee. Leaders reaching a consensus for a communique for the first time since annual summits began in nineteen Ninety-three. It was a sign of hardening positions over trade between the US and China. Vice President Mike Pence sharpened his attacks on China, most notably with a call for nations to avoid loans that would leave them indebted to Beijing with thanksgiving coming up. We've got a short trading. Week ahead of us economic reports coming out this week. We'll have a focus on housing as we hear from. Bloomberg's Karen Moskow have released Tuesday may show US new home construction picked up in October while building permits at proxy for future. Construction. Also increased reports Wednesday may show sales of previously owned homes rebounded last month, and durable goods orders fell. Two percent for their biggest drop since January..

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