Congressman Mac Thornberry, Russia, House Intelligence Committee discussed on PBS NewsHour


Place in terms of Russia at a minimum, though way should ought to end the president's talk about welcoming Putin and Russia back into the community of nations. Chairman Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee. We thank you very much. Thank you. And now to Texas Congressman Mac Thornberry. He is the highest ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee Earlier today, he received a briefing from the White House on these reports, and he joins us now. From Capitol Hill. Congressman Thornberry. Thank you very much for joining us. Tell us what are they saying at the White House about these reports? Well, our briefing today was of the classified intelligence information, which is the basis for these concerns about Russians encouraging. Attacks against U. S troops. And so we dug down deeper into the information like a lot of intelligence questions. It's not completely clear cut. There are pieces of information and some of it contradictory and you have to try to put it all together to understand what's really happening. And so that's what we're focused on. So, as you know, The New York Times and now, other news organizations are reporting that the Russians did offer bounty paid bounty to the Taliban to kill. American troops. That's pretty direct s. So you're saying what you heard today was that this is not true. Or that it could be true. There are pieces of information that supported their maybe pieces that give a somewhat different view. But I think most of us would agree. If there's any hint of truth or any prospect of truth in the idea that Russia or any other country would put bounties on the head of U. S service members. We have to treat it very seriously and pursue every lead and make sure our people are protected. And so I think that's got to be the mindset moving forward. And what were you told with regard to whether President Trump was informed about this intelligence. We were told that he was not informed about the intelligence..

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