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Prep coaches game plan coaches in the country. Every year. He comes out out with few wrinkles. A few I guess a complimentary plays the catch a defense off guard and he always has set a good game played very creative to he always has been. It's so well organized and thought out. It's it's really excellent and that is going to be something that I'm curious to see. This will have because they haven't played played a team. That's GONNA scheme them up. Like Penn State Wisconsin Wisconsin. They're always GonNa be that same style of offense. They're not a Lotta dictum plays. It's going to be interesting to see. See what Ohio State puts in game plan wise to catch James Franklin off guard to catch SEAN CLIFFORD OFF guard. That's what I'm interested to see. And the big thing is this is going to be all about penn state's ability or inability to run the football the lawn boys as J. One side or the running back coach coach Penn state has coined their backfield. They're going to have they're going to have to be the difference for Penn state if they're going to win this football game and they will have to do it against the best rush defense in America and just looking at who they played with a good rush defense. I mean Michigan is the ninth rated rush defense in America. They had just over one hundred yards three point four yards of Carrion. The and one touchdown Michigan State Fifteenth Rush Defense in the country. Had One hundred thirteen yards three point zero yards a carry zero touchdowns so they've only faced to top twenty five really to top fifteen rushing defenses and have had kinda rough days against both barely eclipsing one hundred yards averaging just over three yards per carry and only had one total rushing touchdown combined in both games. Ohio state is going to try it out. Excuse me the fourth best rushing defense in America. Not One into the Horseshoe Horseshoe and we'll be the this'll be stout US run stopping. Unit Penn State is faced to date there also the number one pass defense in the country and a top ten ball disruption defense turnovers man. It's the name of the game. And this is the issue. Sean Clifford the quarterback at Penn State. He's been average at best. I would call it average. I think he's above average of expectations but on a national landscape. He's been average. He ranks in the bottom half of the big ten in pass efficiency. Fifteenth in the big ten in interceptions options thrown and the real real stat. Line here is the Penn State. I Guess Skill Group has twenty I five drops on the year twenty five. They have a big play receiver in Caja Hammer. He's electric. He has the speed the explosive ability to cause some defensive attention. I don't WanNA see mismatched. But it's going to take some attention. But his inconsistency catching the ball is extremely concerning his percentage deeply receptions isn't astounding. I mean forty. One percent of his yards have come on big place. Let's seventeen in the big ten nothing to create a headache or panic over. He's third in the big ten with fifteen catches over twenty yards downfield. So that's a huge point of emphasis for the defense really. They have to limit him. Downfield however ball reception is the key. He has eleven of Penn State's twenty-five drops this year for context. That's the same number of drops for the entire Ohio state football team this year. I'm talking backups. Walk on's you name it. Eleven drops for all of Ohio State Skill Group. Eleven drops for K.. J. Hamblur you're alone so this is going to be the matchup. Will Penn state be able to run the football against the best rushing defense. They have faced when they haven't ran and the ball well against a good rushing defense and if they can't or even if they just marginally successful in the run game will they be able to throw the ball on the number one defense in the country will Sean Clifford turn the ball over. Like he has been doing because if he turns the ball over and if they can't run the ball Ohio state probably gonNA cover. That's how ugly this could be and when I look at the menace analytics as I call it kind of my own statistical analysis of of combining two teams and seeing how they match up. I mean Ohio State. When they're on offense just first and second down is like a four spot favorite or four spot a higher ranking than Penn.? State's defense when Ohio states on defense. That's when the landslide occurs. I mean almost forty spots better than Penn.. State's offense critical down and distances. Ohio allstate has an edge on. Offense has the same edge on defense. So it's really going to be about that first and second down offense. We'll talk about that in a minute. But getting to this offense defense. I don't WanNa forget about the Buckeyes previous game in the rain in there earlier. Top fifteen matchup against Wisconsin because it's applicable. It was another other formidable opponent and other really quality opponent and Justin fields pat really average day. Twelve twenty two hundred sixty seven yards. He was sacked five times James. which is going to be the key allow state? This will also be another test for Ohio. State Skill Group. As a decent secondary's coming into the horseshoe and they need to have a better performance formats through the air then versus Wisconsin in similar. But actually I guess slightly colder conditions wet and cold. That's never good for a wide wide alter like cats. I I settled down there like cats. They get wet and they don't WanNa go anywhere. Don't want to be anywhere. They want to sit there. A little PREMADONNA ISH but Ohio state has tough receiver so maybe not as much. The buckeyes is and zone six but this is pro. Football focus is number three graded offense in Columbus versus the number two graded defense in America. The nittany reliance. It's going to really all about Justin fields and really zone six. They have three receivers in the top seven in the big ten in touchdowns Chris Alavi number one in the big big ten with nine touchdowns and then Ben Victor Cage Hiller tied with six each and then it will really be about wh- what can have state get out of Austin. Mac is awesome. Matt GonNa Blais is he gonNA provide death. We'll Garrett Wilson be more involved. This week I think the real question here with the weather is how will the buckeyes be able to run the ball against the number one rushing defense in the United States of America. The question is are they going to be able to average five and a half yards a carry or five point three yards a carry like they did against Wisconsin is jk Dobbins going to be able to go off for over one hundred and fifty yards and a couple touchdowns again like he did against Wisconsin if they're able to do that and if that offensive line is able to win the line of scrimmage which they did against Wisconsin and they have not done all year will they be able to against this penn state. Rush defense the number rush defense in the country. If they can do that this is going to be a really good day. For the Buckeyes and then critical situations Sion's critical situations the number one. Third Down Offense. The buckeyes faces a top twenty third down defense in the rain. That's huge and the critical component of being a great third. Down Offense in the rain is first and second down deficiency you WanNa get to manageable third-down distances. We talked about third down. This is after the Wisconsin game. They have to be in third and five five or less if they are in third and seven. Plus this as a lot of drives that are gonNA stop. You cannot expect Justin fields to convert third and eight and nine in the rain all day. It's not going to happen. And if it does my gosh thrown heisman race and the biggest part about all of this is how will the pass pro hold up. Penn state has two top ten two of the top ten. Pass rushers in the big ten in your tour. Gross mottos was six and a half sacks shock tony was six and a half sacks with thirteen sacks between them. They don't have chase young but they get to the quarterback well they have thirty three sacks on the year second the convert the third in the big ten number twelve in America. So safe to say they've gotten after the quarterback now house they offense align is second in the big ten in pass aspro there ninety one percent efficient. That's just the five. Oh Lyman though. Overall Ohio states passposts thirty sixth in the country Grade Wise and they've allow twenty two sacks this year seventy fourth in America if they want to make this a game. If they want to make this tougher I should be let them turn the ball over a twice and let justice fields get sacked five times. This'll be a dogfight that no one wasn't it in Buckeye nation ultimately. I think this is going to be a signature win for Ryan. I think they come out. I don't know that they cover like I said. But I don't see how Penn State is able to move the ball against this defense. And I think I think this is the game that really separates Ohio state from Lsu. Because I think that in the elements they are going to have a day but really excited to watch it. Obviously the tailgate will be there so we'll be there watching watching it live at the point on lane so come check it out. Go to our website. Get tickets and I want to talk about the national landscape before we close the show out. So we'll get we'll get to that in a minute and and We got one more sponsors here from one of our partners right now and then we'll be right back. Thanks attention past present and future mybookie players during Thanksgiving Week. mybookie is offering a risk-free bet on the bears. Lions game simply choose a team against the spread for up to two hundred and fifty bucks.

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