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That classes apart of big ben has the ring to rings ally manning has to rings and philip rivers to me is the hall of fame quarterback i think philip rivers the hall of fame quarterback and it'd be nice to see him get a ring some people don't like his personality 'cause he's in your face but i'm a philip rivers fan always happened you basically took the words right out of my mouth i'm not a huge fan of his personality i'm not a huge fan of his leadership style but that draft class all it's missing is rivers getting ring to go down probably is the best quarterback draft class of all time and while i think that he's close to the hall of fame ring would solidify him as a hall of famer he's he's been great statistically he's had some great moments he's just missing that ring i could i'm going to turn it over to mckeon for this one and mckeon do not go out their parents of the yankees who hasn't even played a full season he's deserving of rain even though i like labor tours a lot but i could see mckeon going that way because he's obsessed with the antes but who's your one player i'm gonna actually go at max scherzer ovechkin did the other night that has not up until this point in this career we'll take your phone calls eight five five two two forty two twenty seven zach yelp show cbs sports.

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