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Glance at the calendar reveals Christmas Day is exactly three weeks away. Ryan Calvert camo news. New passenger Only ferry routes could be coming to Seattle, suggesting the need for a new terminal to accommodate them come most. Corwin Haig has more. The Puget Sound Regional Council surveyed 12 Western Washington counties for feedback on potential region wide fast ferry routes. Consultant Kristen Kissinger says the response was overwhelming. Sent out a public survey about a planning study. Not a construction project. You know, you don't often get this heavy of a response, especially in the middle of Ah, pandemic free back push for new routes into downtown Seattle, including from Gig Harbor to coma, and Everett. Local transportation planner Bruce Agnew says multiple new fast ferry routes creates the need for a new fast ferry terminal on the Seattle waterfront in the Seattle Times op ed he proposes building one at Terminal 46. Just south of Coleman. Doc. He wants to call it sail is crossing in honor of the region's first people. Corwin Hey Co Moh news. Someone whose time approaching 5 14. And we bring you come a traffic every 10 minutes on the force from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Here's Marina 02 areas that are really struggling this afternoon. Just don't seem to be getting into any relief include North Bound I five in South Everett because of a collision at 1 12. That's been blocking. It was a couple lanes. Now it's just the right lane. But it left stop and go traffic from 1/30 in north Seattle all the way up to that scene, and I've been keeping track of the travel times this afternoon, out of Seattle up towards the Everett area, and now Oh, boy, it zits two hours and 20 minutes. If you're trying to get up into the every area, so skip by five. If you can just completely skipping, Take Highway 99 or even you could take 5 to 2 up to 5 to 7 if you have to get into Snohomish County or back roads. Another one is North bound for a five out of Bellevue from southeast eighth, where is just solid up to North East 85th. That's also because of a collision that actually happened at 70. It's so for a while it was four lanes blocked. It's the two left general purpose lanes of both toll lanes. So again that's still really struggling South down by five is heavy out of highway 18 towards five South down 167 Heavy and Ellingson and then again at 24 Street East. Next couple traffic at 5 24. Well, that's a struggle. All right. Thanks, Marina. For that The Puget Sound forecast much tamers. We will have clear skies tonight Lows in the thirties. Some clouds wandering in during the day tomorrow with some overnight rain Saturday night into Sunday, but then dryer again.

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