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Now. Joe was so happy to finally see people. I mean he needed help. Get my God. This guy just had a heart attack so he goes running out of his car tries to flag them down but he says that when he called out to the group the headlights turned off. And all the noises stopped. But that's not the end of his story. He tells police that some time later he again sees lights out his car window not headlights. This time but flashlight beams. He calls out again for help but as soon as he does the lights. Go Out Again. And whoever was out there goes away? Police are understandably pretty skeptical about this whole story and honestly they don't really know what to make of it. They wonder if maybe this guy was seeing things or hearing things or I mean both I mean he did just have a heart attack us in the middle of nowhere on a mountain road alone the dead of night I mean. What are the chances that he'd come across a group of men and a woman holding a baby? It just didn't seem logical but Joe tells them that when his car finally ran out of gas after running for hours and hours he gave up on being rescued and decided to take his chances and walk down the mountain for help now along the way in the place where he had heard the voices. He passed an empty car. It was stuck in snow just sitting there in the middle of the road. Police asked him to elaborate on the car and when he does all skepticism washes away. Today's episode was brought to you by Brooklyn so there are few things I enjoy more than sleeping in. I'm generally night owl but I have kids. I N specifically a toddler who is convinced sheetings yogurt and crayons no later than seven thirty every morning. So when I'm in bed I went to be in those luxurious comfortable. Amazing betting out there. 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Okay Yeah so the three points we've been talking about it kind of makes a V. Shape Chico is on the top left Yuba city is at the bottom and plumas. National Park is way over the top right exactly so the forest ranger who found Jax Kar found it in the middle of this like rarely used unpaid road that runs straight up into the Sierra Nevada. Mountains that top right point on the map. You're talking about now. According to an article I read on strange outdoors. The car was at elevation about forty five hundred feet just at the snow line. Meaning ANYTHING BEYOND. This has snow year round. And we're not talking about like a light dusting of snow. It snowed a lot six to eight feet of snow. And it's not like they would have to go through to get home like there's no reason for them to even be. Anna's area no I mean it's not even remotely on the way she go to. Yuba city is a straight and it's about an hour on the highway. It's mostly flat. There's no snow definitely no mountains and wasn't just a scenic detour either. This is over two hours of driving in the wrong direction. And what I can't get over is I mean we've already established it's not like he was on their way home but this isn't even on the way to anything. It's literally in the middle of nowhere but it is the same middle of nowhere road that Joe had been on the night that he got stuck in the snow and had that heart attack. The car was in the same place that Joe said. He had seen it when he tried to walk down there to get help. And it's right where he said it was and it's right where he said that he'd seen people men and a woman holding a baby in the glow of the car's headlights. So this validates has story at this point. I mean investigators are thinking that it just might be true so investigators decide to head up the mountain and see for themselves hoping that the car and where it was found might help make some sense of Joe Story and hopefully point them in the direction of these five men when they get there. They find the car unlocked. The keys are missing. And there's just this mess of food wrappers and soda bottles and milk cartons on both the front and back seats remnants of their trip to that convenience store just after they left. Chico and the last known sighting of the men now when they get there. The car was stuck in the snow. When you're tires just kind of spin and can't catch the ground so it was stuck like that but it wasn't in a ditch or a big snow bank or anything and not so stuck that they couldn't have just pushed it out. I mean these were not small men. They were all like six feet tall or at least close to it and about two hundred pounds and there were five of them. Remember right they would have had that car unstuck in a hot minute but it looked like they didn't even try like there's no push marks. There's feeding the snow. There's no tire tracks it's stuck and they're not there when police check they see that there's a quarter tank of gas still in the car so the men hadn't run out of fuel because they can't find the keys. Police managed to hot wire. The car and it starts no problems so that rules out any kind of mechanical issues At first police. Initially that these guys must have somehow taken a wrong turn and got lost up there but then they find those four maps that one of the guys brought up there. One of the maps included the same area that the car was founded. All of the maps were neatly folded and left in the glove compartment. You even mentioned earlier that Jack specifically brought all of these maps for me. It's hard to believe that they weren't using them or think to use them if they had gotten lost in like they're clearly lost. The snow would have immediately tipped them off that like. Hey we're not home yet. We're not close to home. Yeah and that's what I thought too but you know it's hard to account for what kind of impact maybe their intellectual disabilities might have had on that kind of reasoning. We'll and again like I said they are using the maps. I didn't say that they weren't like they could be going there intentionally. And using the map to guide them. They're right right. That's totally an option and honestly them intentionally going up. There is kind of what police are thinking at this point but they just don't know why that road that they were on was not very well maintained. It was not used very much. And it's a pretty rough road. But here's the thing when they look at the underside of the car. They're expecting to see damage. I mean again. This is not a paved road. There are potholes. It's crazy but there's no damage.

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