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Back there compared to the first period, this is stop and starts. You're right about that. We had twelve face offs in the first this is our twenty third in the game. So already up to fees off eleven in the second period. Brayden point loses this face up to DuBois sweeps it in but it's shipped up by Kutuzov point at center ice. He'll deflected into the blue jackets. Ed Murray, left wing came Atkinson, deflects it in by the lightning that bass Leschi sweeps that are on the near side who dropped keeps moving Victor Hedman. Had been turns it to Johnson at center ice now. Brandon point gates terrible play that's retaken by perennial golf into the lightning end. Lightning. Did not get that deep by Girardi turns it over a little past to flex to new Davar centerpoint shop blocked by headmen that'll lightning have been blocking a number of shots here in the second. Brayden point counter steamrolling gotten lopsided center across the blue line. Still going off circle got strip parrot at the last second Pinera is watch by point point. We'll get a force to steal for coup. Drave? Well, kucherov high slot holds defended Abedi swept the shot wide. Right. Ryan Murray, launches it out to Atkinson et cetera. You'll turn up an Aaron across the blue line little feed to the left circle the shock taken by Ryan me bass, Laskey and a counter Sarah for Gujrat three and two across the blind high slot, Ernie shoots wide, right. Rebound. Sara predecessor for Ernie at the back post just missed and when Berg will tap it down the ice, cold rain with that great ability to skate got back to the puck. First beats circuit Jeff left wing. Sara Lee across the Boola point of corner. Yanni Gord looking to make a play in front for Sara Lee got knocked away by Riley. Nash. Nash couldn't clear held in. Sara Leila point now. Nash disrupts the pass and it deflects out to center ice twelve sixteen left in the period. Two nothing. Lightning Ernie pumps it back in and pursues Riley. Nash has it. I that ski around the far side Hannah kinda a pass that the neutrals unblocked Bystrov Straubing will lay it back in your set. Jones looking to counter Jones dogged by Yanni gorgeous had a pretty effective game tonight skating. Around disrupting plays Jones finally out to center ice kind into the lightning. A centerpoint shot-blocking down by basil. Ascii Strommen fielded and slides it to the near corner. Ryan mcdonagh lightning state right to left in the second website V Joseph to center and Now Dan Martell across the blue line left circle shoddy put it over the net. Rebound dean Kuchen behind the Columbus goal. A pass nearly stolen by Martel. But finds a stick a David Savard to center ice Jenner right wing Anderson into the lightning again, right quarter, Boone Jeter centers at it. Skips through rebound left point shoots. Blocker vasa. Lefty Matthew Joseph has the puck by lightning left. Lena Martell banks pocketed center skating, well across the blue line Kuchen defends pocket after I left corner. Kuchen got it away up the near side, and it's grab Josh Anderson. Jenner at center, ice, Boone Jenner GM's it in and Jesus vast Lasky came out to play it away from Jenner but following up. It Robinson across walk but the Android. Here's Anderson the left circle left corner. Jenner Boone Jenner at the right, circle, right circle. New Davar the shot blocked Navarro the rebound the defenseman behind it. Markaz new Vara a little fee blocked by Martel. I'll just whistle it out of the zone. Joseph pursues gets to it at the redlining sweeps. Dan's lightning. Get a much needed line change completed ten forty three left in the second to nothing. Tampa Bay Marcus new Davar left side feed its DuBois to the lightning left circle. Look Do Quoc cross ace. He sends it to the right point. Ryan Murray, right circle. It's parrot keeping it moving. Dubois right circle. Dubai is watched by surrogate, Jeff and that will lead to a steel fraud right plot countering maybe an international middle chlorinate center. Back plot across the I love circa plot. Hold put it in front re-director wide, right. By stamp goes little bit escapes. He couldn't quite finish. Now in the other way. Three too. Right wing came Atkinson lightning Aaron, right? So it's a cut in front. Say that again and shoot blocked. Rebound is loose in the far corner after it right corner. A dropped pass. Mrs everyone that comes out of the zone chances at both ends right there set Jones, launches it back in lieu delegates have to leave his own which they do covert has time to hold onto the puck in front of.

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