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All right so he's all about diversity so he named their ozzie is a cultural shoshu is but yeah some of this the highest myth ellis secretary of higher ads do fulton share of the motorvehicle commission dejure webster cobb chair of the civil service commission so he says they're making history and he wanted a cabinet that was as strong and diverse smart and talented as the people of the state so there you have it hundreds of state and local government officials and police officers from across the jersey are meeting in in trenton to discuss marijuana legalization southern new jersey cannabis business association which is backing the legislation sponsored this event today in trenton organizers say at least two hundred and fifty officials attending so very interesting he obviously wants to legalized recreational marijuana to raise money civil sake and word from the philadelphia zoo this is sad coley locks the oldest polar beer in america has died at age thirty seven so according to the zoo animal care staff had become increasingly worried about colby lock said declining serious declines in health and they finally euthanized the polar bear eyewitness weather tomorrow 75 degrees partly sunny it's going to be gorgeous and if you love the sonnen joy today and tomorrow because we'll have than several days of what appears to be cloudy fifty degree kind of rainy dole days so enjoyed today tomorrow if you've got an idea for new product or app protect your idea learn how to bring it to market call davison for your free idea and invention get started kit here's the number eight hundred two nine four seven four one seven dawn stands will and with the news talk radio 1210 wpht streaming anytime anywhere on the all new radiocom app.

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