President Trump, Congress, Bully Pulpit discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Or go to www aimak it's amac dot u s two nuts standing organization were proud i am as a sponsor all right as were coming to the closing the pro went very quickly i thought i like do you think i enjoy having to call out the president from my perspective our our press battle enjoyed for one second on the other hand we have to have integrity right we have to be true to ourselves and so that's what we're doing and that who we are and i think that's why you're in the audience in the blessed to have you all right let's go to mike independence missouri the great kcnr go our markelle greg talk to the great one thank you can we talked about how he didn't have to make a deal with the democrat but i forget what have you had to make a deal with the democrats on her king the democrat to become the party of bite victims why would they ever voted gift money for actual victims of natural disasters but i would vote give done the money fort i mean it just any if if did i agree with you i in fact and politically i don't think they would have done that is i i don't think they would have passed on it in fact they probably would have tried to raise above what what trump was i would have been proposing but we don't know they didn't try yeah that's what drives me nuts wave everybody telling us what he could have done maybe was doing this he was playing a you know a a chance at a level i we checkers players don't understand why didn't he just try a clean bill get it through push it higher while you don't know that he did i know he did because nobody said he did for exactly a looked organised chance duck held career i could you check made himself all the time i don't i don't see this gas put put yourself and checkmate listen congress has on his is worthy of our blame in our content they really are and they are quite progress but the president is the president he is the bully pulpit why is it that when they of the presidency they control everything or any or either for the senate for that.

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