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Lot of a lot of things that have to be determined before anybody has to make that decision though i just go back to one play in a football game yeah what an amazing difference that was huge changes the whole complexion of the remainder of the season yeah not only that game but you think you mentioned the season because of course in typical west virginia fashion you know that happens west virginia loses in oklahoma state gets up a game at home to kansas state which all of the sudden would have opened the door for this west virginia oklahoma game to have pretty significant ramifications in the league right the yes there's no question there's no question now that he limits and i can't stay in those really interesting in that scholar thompson the quarterback we saw against west virginia just although he could go to pass struggled goes in and hangs 45 on what i thought was a pretty good oklahoma state defense they must though there was like good jim levitt ery south florida what oklahoma state did a west virginia is like their whole season up to stop the west virginia offense and in as soon as they did that they just totally collapsed the rest of the season every home put sixty on him yeah i was stay us set up forty on yes and now a 900 the state um it's unbelievable but i shall i say that i say that not just to point out kansas state lit up oklahoma state but if you want some optimism about khris chugunov schuyler thompson what he did from one week to the next now that he's had time as the guy getting reps gutter snaps now i'm not i'm not ready to proclaim that chris chugunov can lead this west to upset over number three ann arbor to oklahoma but i i do think there's a chance now you saw some flashes from chris chugunov yet that if he gets some help and the offensive line can help and the running backs can help in the receivers can help scher maybe you can get a little something dolan and gets and get some and you.

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