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And i'd love it. If you help someone else get started to and now for this week's interview. Welcome this week's episode of papa peachy this week with me. I have dr gertrude. Mantra and you can call her g. G. is a biomedical scientist. College instructor science communicator and author. She's the host of the create and prosper podcast where she interviews experts and shares tips on how to make money as a writer and author g also started the bold biomed a youtube channel that provide steps on the phd life career and productivity for students in the biomedical sciences. When she's not doing any of these things g enjoys a good spy movie. Welcome to proper. Pg thank you so much. David i really appreciate you having me on. Well i really appreciate you having accepted my invitation. Because we're going to have a conversation about all you've been doing in this domain of helping these as you know pop up the mission of the podcast is to bring. Phd's like early. Hd's almost finishing these people with information insights on how to deal with all of the the unknown that that comes especially by the end of a phd. Just before just after but also tips and tricks to make the most of their life as a as a researcher. So i'm really grateful that you're here today and Well i must say. I'm really really grateful. This beginning of twenty twenty one. Let's let me just stay gratefulness for something a little bit larger than me. Which is the community on lincoln. It's amazing that's where we met this where we cross paths and i'm really grateful for how how much love how much help you can find in a in a community you know. If you're an academic or young ph student you might think oh. This is a business network. It's not for me no absolutely. I think i think you know y- having both of us have been through the process. You don't you outside of the university walls outside of academia. You don't see much you don't see a of a phd's of on other career paths. You don't hear about the enterpreneur paths or you don't care about how the left academia so and and definitely when i was was a phd felt like my only choice was sustained in academia rights. And i'm an you feel a sense when when you realize well maybe my only -demia you begin to feel Sense of helplessness. As you realize that maybe you don't like research and and you don't wanna go on that path so really what. I'm passionate about a passionate about so many things but one of the things. I've absolutely passionate about is leading. Phd students and even letting graduates also realize that there is so much that your does for you and so many doors phd can for you and that you just have to explore that and so i'm excited to talk about that today. Me too. And i'm i'm really want to go at dive into these questions that you ask but let's start by the beginning. How did you. How did you get to where you are today. What was the the journey of g mantra from. I don't know being a bachelor student into going to her. Phd and now getting to where you are. Today writing teaching about writing but also coaching people and helping people go through their graduate school life. Yeah yes agree questions. I want to say thank you for having me again. David privileged to be on the pc podcast And so a little bit about me. I in two thousand twelve thousand nine. I started as a phd students at temple university in philadelphia pennsylvania and when i started my thought process. I had already gotten a bachelor's degree in nursing. And i thought i want to maybe teach or i wasn't really actually now looking back. I don't think i was completely clear. On what my professional path was. But i did know i wanted to get more education. I knew that appear was going to be a good pass. I applied for the program And it was great. I had a great adviser is a good experience but somewhere along the line. I realize that research wasn't the path i wanted. I didn't want to become a principal investigator of a lab. I didn't want to run my own lab because my was in microbiology. Immunology and we have labs and we run experiments but then what actually even got me on the path. I'm on now. Was i think this was in twenty eleven or twenty twelve. I went to the lab. One saturday evening to do an experiment and i was on internet. So won't month things at the time was even though i was earning some money as a phd student from my stipend. It wasn't a whole lot especially because he's married in at the time my husband Had lost his job so there was a little bit of financial stress. Incisive i wanna find something that i can do. Maybe on a weekend maybe one or two times a day on a weekend to make some extra money rights and even able to make some extra money then always looking for that time. Was i just wanna make be an extra hundred dollars and if i can make an extra hundred dollars that would take care of some of the financial stress. Well when i went online what. I found kind of shocked me because i found out that the where people actually Doing all kinds of Work on line and getting paid so it was from there. That i about freelancing may talk about islands about blogging and how people would put affiliate links on the on their websites and make money through affiliate links and you could essentially blog about anything and be able to not just anything but anything that people were interested in creating haunts around and issue did a good job of providing for you value than you could monetize to maybe offering your coaching often. Freelancing services selling digital products like e books to them. So that's how. I really got started. Right how i got interested in this whole world of online. I wasn't really an online person. I think back then. I only had facebook and i've even check it out that much you know. So when i found out. I started a blog on the different experiments. I was doing in in them. Online business world into. I would do something in our right about it and do something about it. And over time i built upon audience doing that. That was my first look. I i no longer run that blow but at the peak of that blog. I think i was getting around. Twenty to thirty thousand visits per month so it it became pretty Big so then somewhere twenty seventeen. After at this point i had finished. My phd moved to san diego california and again i was looking for some of way. 'cause i always been very enterpreneurial. I guess and s like okay. I already started this blog. It's beginning to do well. So what are some other ways. I can Can begin to make some money. And i landed on freelance writing so in twenty seven seventeen. I started a freelance writing. Business that was a lifesaver because twenty eighteen. I post doc at a university. And i was told that funding had run out in so in ninety days. Will all lose our jobs.

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