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Yup stupid out of the he is jalen everybody know i'm david jacoby chicken sooners thanks are we putting it on wax news we're jalen and jacoby what are we going to be the i'm gonna start the podcast exclusive section with this i've got a bone to pick with you mr rose law we've got a problem i'm taking behind the curtain we're here in st seaports where we worked together ball jalen rose gonna stay our show every morning get up prepare this show for those three hours okay and when you get done you were kind enough so nice of you yesterday you brought a bag of popcorn for me with the logo of the show on it you one time you had garrett's make special kanza popcorn for the show and i kept the the candidate you know as souvenir you gotta we've gotta show who knows how long is it gonna last hold onto everything with your name and face on it you can and then today a notice that my popcorn bag was no longer on my desk my desk is right next to jalen also right next to our johnson's popcorn was gone johnson comes around the corner after get up she's eating the bag of popcorn with my face i said get that popcorn did use to the on my desk and she's like no jalen gave it to me unless there's something i didn't understand about this it seems to me like you gave me a commemorative bag of popcorn that i was thankful for and appreciate it and put on my desk as a souvenir as a keepsake to keep the rest of my life and handout generation digital generation and then you just straight up took it up my desk and gave kayla am i missing something mr rose you are missing something here's the thing and i'm trying to make sure i get the information right so there's a gentleman that's also from detroit that listens to this show him and he also is a popcorn aficionado oh okay is he in the popcorn business and that's what he does for a living oh so he made the stickers and he put him on the bags of popcorn and he gifted these popcorn bags to you that you get it to me then stole from me and gifted to kayla is that what happens so so what happened was what what is this shelter randall's i'm gonna to plot to your message to delhi wanna give off popcorn as you see we need some pasta figured get more it is the whole from the hood i'm going to yeah of course look channel popcorn is like a lifelong thing like it is the bigger conversation mia him need to have this one of those client frazier type deals as it relates to hardcore like this is what we do as you know if those that get up and i would say extreme hours of the day like i do at three thirty am you know bought one o'clock sometimes you got to stop yourself because you've been in eight two or three meals already not care and so i love as everybody knows eagles so big south to katie gorman who's the average age does she make sure your spot to see what's happening he's not answer the question he's still i'm going to ask her she makes sure i have to riedel's cheetos when i'm in detroit it's all about the better made they got a semi some barbecue barbecue popcorn but my guy rando came through children randall and so he sent us two bags i gave one to jacoby i shared the rest with.

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