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Get started preserving your past. All right. So let's go ahead and bring in our challenger for. The finale of this week in survivor history. The quiz. Jordan, am I going for a record breaking hen win on the season's day? Yeah. According to rouse, fact, checker, I believe that is, is correct. Is this is your most winningest season in the this week in survivor history quiz? And but you have a you have a tough competitor who's coming back for her second time on the quiz. Okay. There is a one woman standing in between me and destiny. And she is a trivia whiz here to join us is our chief amazing race. Correspondent who will be back in business with a double episode of the amazing race this week, the great, Jessica Jess, how are you? I'm great, rob. So the fact that I'm coming in late in this podcast to compete with you after you've already been on the podcast for quite some ready. Is this kind of this supposed to be an allegory? Let's see if you win the whole thing now check your bag. Check your bag, I left you a little surprise in bandage. I've been on the podcast, the whole time as she just waltzes in with an advantage, right? At the end. This is not an advantage. What is it? She she has to she s the last past the first round, though. And then Rick Devon's could give her the other half of the events. Okay. All right. I have not been kind to him on Twitter, so I don't have high hopes, okay? All right. Of just I want to get to your takes on the season. But Jordan just revealed to me before we came on that he recently visited you at your home. He did. I invited him to a party and he just showed up this guy gets invited to more parties than anybody else that I know rob. If you left your house more often, he'd probably get invited to more parties. So what was this party? I it was I had a whole bunch of snacks that I had brought back from my trip to Ecuador, and then in the rob has podcast patron gift exchange. I'd been gifted more snacks from around the world, and we had more snacks than we could possibly eat. But I wanted to taste. All of them. No, I decided, I was going to have a bunch of people over. And then we would taste all the snacks. Yes. And this wasn't turned into a podcast. Wasn't like a thirty two fans a snack ornament. Good lord. I don't need another podcast. Rob. Yes, I did. Snack racket, Akiva, Akiva, listening. Those. Yeah. All right. Jess. So we had these -vivor edge of extinction, finale this past week. What were your thoughts overhaul on the final night of the edge of extinction? Well, I feel like I wasted thirteen hours of my life leading up to it. Buying it a vacuum. The finale was very entertaining. Yeah. Could we maybe see the edge of extinction come to the amazing race where all the teams that are out of it, maybe just like all get off the plane for the final leg of the race? Yeah. I don't know how they would make that work. And that seems like a lot of airfare to spend. Well, it's a fly them one place. They The just. go-to wherever they were. And then just fly them all in at the end. Yeah. I guess, and they're all there at the final, Matt anyway. Maybe maybe the winners have to battle everybody else. Like maybe there's a head to head on the final Matt. Maybe maybe just you said you were down on Rick Devon's. No. I love RIC Devon's. I just felt like we were being forced fed..

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