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We put Traffic and weather on the 8s over to rob stallworth in the WTO traffic center In Virginia between maclean and annandale on the outer loop or four 95 south chuck a convoy coming past the front of the line passing little river turnpike headed toward Braddock road the back of the line should just be leaving the American legion bridge on the outer loop in Virginia In Virginia also southbound I three 95 This is between Washington boulevard and glee wrote still with the left side blocked for the crash in response on scene single file rights should get you by under police direction Otherwise no problems on I 95 for now but southbound seeing volume going across the Aquaman down to one 23 for the south The tire debris large tire debris wasn't a left lane near the center port Parkway we believe it's actually cleared and gone but of course some delays remain there No problems north down on I 95 as you head toward the Springfield interchange your express lanes are in the northbound direction Maryland beltway still the outer loop delays leaving Bethesda headed toward the American legion bridge of course to 70 enjoying a decent ride right now in the northbound direction between clarksburg and urbana southbound still slow leaving 85 headed down to and passed one O 9 with traveling available to you and no problems being reported on the BW Parkway You guys are pretty cool right now Northbound and southbound between the capitol beltway and the Baltimore beltway Periton supporting national security on this planet and beyond by doing what can't be done Visit periton dot com for more info I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic This afternoon Wendy and Warren mostly cloudy to cloudy skies could see some more showers around also Highest mid 70s Tonight mostly cloudy breezy and mild upper 50s to low 60s.

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