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More talking jet fuel but I don't know. You look it up Google. Chat as doubling Santos says new subscriber. Honestly, I don't see AJ beating Ruis. He couldn't go with them. Yeah. Man. That's why you need a new train teacher you know, like ass on the inside. You know what I mean? Main teacher few things. But let's go out to Kevin in Chicago. If there's a cost seventy seven thousand for the Boeing seven fifty seven jet. There you go. Not fit the I was right again. Kevin. What up man? Good morning. But you early you up earliest Kaga Matt. They're rubbing to clock in the morning. Thrown and over in talk about it. Yes, I didn't even sleep yet. It's late at night to me, what I wanna talk about AJ. The problem is you can't train your chin, man. I feel like chin when you get it rock their bad and we got tagged a little bit. And he was on rubber needs to whole fight that seems to be the problem. I don't think it's a trainer. Everybody wants to, they wanna sign blame in all maybe the trainers, and this, and that man, I think the chin and heavyweight having a bad chin is a recipe for disaster. But. I m co Nakae Kevin. But let's just let's just play. You know let's just play with Lennox. Let's play his game. If you had to find agent neutrino, who would you recommend? Freddie roach. Notable about it. Freddie roach. What about the conflict of interest? Because Tyson fury, let's give them a secondary option. In case he says, oh, I gotta wait to see if your he wants me back or I'm working with fury. Where does AJ go next? Buddy. Mcgirt. Oh my God. How do I might be a sleeping as backed his career with the wind now? Who do what Jeff got knocked out and came back in one. Yeah. Yeah. He did teaching do got knocked out how to bucks. Okay. Okay. From? Another option was named Kevin. This is Kevin great, great great. I didn't wanna I wanna say the real quick and co not to turn that play down. I thought he got offered that AJ. Definitely turned it down. Yeah. Chris 'cause hill. You know what I think am come knock each blatant himself in there. I think he could he's like thinking about it took that fight. He might might have been able to knock h he's got a similar style to release. His his punches are strata though, Kevin think about it. You don't think Adam comes down the middle where Ruis was loopy. He was coming around us, you know, behind the glove. Adam is a straight like he's going straight down the middle in my opinion. I could be wrong. I don't know. But that's what I feel like I see when he's punching in combination but Kevin, thank you for calling them. We're gonna keep it moving taller. When you talk to Adam, or Andy. Gaddum. Okay. Adam for sure. We're going out to miss the dissolved on box of you know, I just wanna to say, h money, man, I know, people say some shit about you, because the energy, but I think you ought realize, man, you won't every show no matter what flicking of it is. You are the nineteen by for win rookie at motherfucking year. You deserve it. What's on your face? Dumb. Conflict with the. Thirteen base unit. What's going on? It's a some money, Mr. zone divisive. Over two thousand nineteen getting here and I just wanna speak back through quick. I mean, earlier, I told everybody that Anthony Johnson what was done, and in my heart, I believe that he's doing that because on his face, he just put out a video he's saying that he's gonna keep his paying trainer net and Lennox Lewis, alleging one of the greatest heavyweight he just advise him to get a new trainer and he's not listening. This guy he, he, he doesn't listen. He's hard headed. And that's not gonna work, and that's from boxing. We, we, we got the best fighters metro boxing. And he he's really making a disgrace. So and I just wanna compare to Felix Trinidad Trinidad..

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