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If I hear like one more person complain about Jeff Bezos or Apple or Mark Zucker burg. It might pull everything out of your pockets. You have an apple phone. Don't you? Look at that. You got a Facebook after let me see her Amazon app G. Why is Jeff Bezos worth 200 Billion? It's you, John and Ken weekdays it too Well, they've got your money because you willingly gave it to them. You don't on K f I forever remember Sunday Brian suits in here until 10 like you say lots of local May him yesterday early in the morning. In downtown L. A. A car jacking led to a hit and run of a 47 year old man of father of several hit run on his bike. The the individual who stole the white Toyota pickup was later in an accident down my skid row. He ran No one knows who he is on. Guess what police. You're asking for Muir Information. Also Panorama City man shot in his car. My individual man loan loan. Uh, kind of a car found dead behind the wheel. Very similar thing in walnut. Um, if you're missing the boat on this one, this is a signature gang hit. Last time we saw this was during the reign of Chief Bill Bratton. Remember Bill Bill Bratton from Bastion. Where? Where? Ah, where? Oh, who? Who was it? Who went gay Lindsay Loman. That's right, because, he said he said L a was coming down with the paparazzi because during his reign paparazzi with the biggest problem He came out of the gym one day and talked Tombo c four and said, Well, yeah, things have calmed down. Now that Lindsay Long has gone gay, he couldn't say Lohan. No, I guess you're Irish. You can say Lohan. Lindsay Lohan's gone gay and Britney Spears has moved or whatever. Well, what was happening during his reign was that black motorists during the early hour early hours of the morning we're being found dead behind the wheel at the bottom of all France. Because other gangs a sort of a blood in initiation were executing is solo. Black motorist, perhaps driving home from a job are driving to a job. They were found dead in on the harbor Freeway and one off the 2 10 on. But that's where the gang experts said the person was a family person, working person. No debts, Whatever. This is probably a random killing as the initiation by a gang. And you didn't hear about that because Bratton didn't want you to hear about that. But that's what was going on. Well, anyway, I be I'm the canary in the coal mine. There's something like this has been going on for last couple months. Oddly enough, that coincides with The release of prisoners from California Department of Corrections. Back to their original county of adjudication. That's the law in California, and what county is responsible for one third of all inmates and the Cal duct system. You're correct. If you said Los Angeles County and so oddly enough instead of vaccinating and I gotta tell you if the alternative is leading violent people out to do violence and look at the solace sheep Versus them getting a vaccine before me because I've already had it. And I'm not gonna take it any way I say, vaccinate the prisoners if the alternative is let them out. Freaking vaccinate him. Not a problem. But that's not who runs the prison system. The people who run the prison or the people who make the decisions about the prison system never interact with the people in the prison system. On dear, letting them out amongst us. And you know what happens when you When you go to California state prisons you really are asking for you deserve it. It's really hard to get to prison in California. These days, they'll feel generally Had that 364 days sentence work that you can do it. Twin towers in downtown L A. If you go up To the state. Then you are a bad guy, and when you come out of there even on early release because of the cove IDs, you have scores to settle and that's what's happening. From L A right now. Yes, There's an increase in violence wiser, an increase in violence because we've brought more violent people out to the streets anyway. Esso their resent, and that has nothing to do with the hit and run. You know that we've had this hit and run disease in the L. A area in Southern California for the 19 million of us live south of Santa Barbara. Um, this'll is an issue but anyway So this is the San Francisco Chronicle today. I you know, in the last break out, read you that great up retweeted it from a man in Santa Barbara, who nails not just how Gavin Newsom has failed. The fact that recalling him in electing another incompetent person may not help today. This Francisco Chronicle story you start to feel stupid tech workers can't leave San Francisco fast enough. The Bay Area struck a hard bargain with its tech workers. Rent was astronomical taxes were high. Your neighbors didn't like you. If you lived in San Francisco, you might have commuted an hour South, your job and Apple or Google or Facebook. Or if your office was in the city. Maybe it was in the neighborhood with too much street crime, open drug use and $5 coffees. But it was worth it. Living in the epicenter of boom that was changing the world was what mattered. The city gave us workers a choice of interesting jobs. That chance that the brass ring that is until the pandemic remote work offered a chance at residing for a few months in towns were life felt easier. Tech workers and the bosses realized they might not need all the perks and afterwards schmooze events. But maybe they needed elbow room and a yard for the new puppy. Ah, place to put the pellet on a top public school. They fled. They fled to tropical Beach towns. They fled to more affordable places like Georgia. They fled to states without income taxes like Texas and Florida. That's where the story of the Bay Area's latest tech era is ending for a growing crowd of tech workers and their companies. They have suddenly movable jobs and money in the bank money that will go plenty further somewhere else. Let me break away for a second. What California seems to have forgotten our two things. The majority of the tech workers aren't from California. They're outstanding graduates from other universities around the world around the country. California also forgets thing too. They forgot to build a moat. And so these are people that don't have ties here, but they make a lot of money when they pay the freight for most of our state income tax. Now they're leaving. Do I have to pencil this out for you? There's one analogy, but we'll get to here in just a second, a guy who moved to Austin after 10 years in Cupertino, and I swear he you could probably speak the words that he told the San Francisco Chronicle. But anyway, this is the canary in the coal mine. And if you plan on staying in California You're going to be paying the freight for this back in the second Super hyper local Sunday can if I am 6 40 live if we're on the radio app Danny Max of the news U. S. Defense officials say they're worried.

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