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Prices and stands to reason we have one of the highest tax rates in the country. So now with the gas rate, this is disgusting four cents more for a gallon of gas now real happy about it. But I guess if the money goes to fix the roads, I guess in the long run, it'll be okay. Four cents more. Unbelievable. Very frustrating. Very happy about it. It is what it is four cents more. Crazy. Nobody wants to pay more crazy not happy about it. Not happy at all. It's not good. Thank you. Mr murphy. Governor Chris Christie signed this law, whatever he's an office blame him. But. Victor. You know, a bunch of trucks, you know, the trucking business sat boys the one to blame for that one. That was all Christie's administration. You know, the new guy we got, you know, Murphy now, he's got to clean up the mess. But look what happened now. Now, they had Gandhari fueled tax honest. You know, what it was costing me before Christianity detached year ago? My tractors got double tank and my tanks show three hundred and fifty gallon tanks. Warren each side of the truck which cost fifteen hundred truck fill two tanks and run a load at New Jersey. Now, it's going to run me like an image midst of like seventeen seventeen hundred. It's nuts. It's not. Wow. Is that nice the way he started fat, boys? The one to blame Palin. It's not about our politicians that way beech. Okay. So this guy believes that there tax relief coming for all of us that I really hope is that Murphy.

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