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For Ovechkin twenty six for kucherov twenty-six for Ben how old is going to you said twenty seventy six. So he's actually on the younger side of a lot of these guys kind of he's kind of in the middle of what a lot of these guys side. But you're seeing guys he he just turned twenty seven about a week ago. Mark stolen was twenty-seven Malkin was twenty seven. Corey Perry was twenty-seven. Yes. Skinner's not Mark stone Mark stone signed for nine and a half. So you know, but if you're Skinner it's, it's not as the you know you don't you don't have every player going to an arbitrator that says, well, he makes that in half. So you make eight point seven five. It's what is how, how much are you worth to your employer to your team? Yeah. He's not the point here is he's not old to sign. A he's not considered older, if he would be signing an eight million dollar an eight year deal. He's not an older guy who do that. Like a lot of these guys are in that sweet spot. Right. Where he is eight oh, three. Oh, five fifty good point from Chris via Twitter. I'll bring up on the other side. And how the sabers might play this game and save themselves some money in the process. It's good point on the math of this. Let's hear from you. What do you, do you feel about Jeff Skinner eight years, eight and a half nine and a half said to be the sweet spot? According to Bob MacKenzie. That sounds about right. And I guess it's the frugal folks against the, the wild. Spenders. I'm a wild spender. Sal just spending anybody else's money all day, eight oh three oh, five. Fifty to join us here on WJR. Stay connected to our shows and get in conversation. Follow us on Twitter at WJR, five fifty taming, the briar, patch, mowing, the lawn or trimming yeti whatever you call it. It's about time. We talked about manscaping guys you manscaping. Right. You know, keeping things trimmed and fresh below the waist..

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