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A perfect record and guessing which songs are going to quit with the public eddie money in his first label had a difference of opinion about which numbered you release as a single turns out there were both right it took me six months right to to despair alleged one on one with columbia records for some reason they didn't think it was commercial till may microsoft lou jimmy lai if we will pave you'll want kids to day if that was for single and goes to tickets proudest second single the guy upi the tu wien her the i'm actually working with your fox celebrity profile big dan dan's are getting to know came brown through his selftitled debut album he wrote seven of the eleven songs on it one that he didn't pen but can relate to is hometown courtesy of tyler hubbard from florida georgia tone from to me on the muslims i got i song to show you so coming from him isn't gonna say now and it's just a song talking about all you want to do is make your hometown proud and i'm from a very small town and um with lauren elena and i know both those us you know that some of our main goal came used to be inquire with american idle grabbed lauren elena the two of them also have a song on his new album she went off to american auto and she did so well they brought her back for a parade and i was just i man like how long this as well she kinda incurs me just open my mouth.

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