Elon Musk, ABC, Congressman Peter Defazio discussed on Mark Levin



Investigators are on the ground in Ethiopia a day after a deadly airline crash ABC's. Matt gotten is also there are about this crash site, though is how compact it is it could fit in the size of a large hotel lobby, and that's because of that steep descent. Most of the parts of the plane remained buried in the dirt house, transportation and infrastructure, chairman congressman Peter defazio says he's relying on aviation experts to decide if the Boeing seven thirty-seven max, eight the plane involved in that crash should be grounded is there is a regulator. If they if they have the slightest thing that this is an ongoing problem with this plane, they should order them down. This is the second time in six months that amac's eight fell from the sky shortly after take-off President Trump has proposed his budget wishlist for twenty twenty budget calls for seven hundred and fifty billion dollars in defense spending next year a five percent increase and eight point six billion dollars. For the wall on the Mexican border three billion more than the president asked for last year there also cuts to Medicaid and student loans and changes to Medicare. Also, a thirty one percent cut for the Environmental Protection Agency next year alone. Democrats pronounced the whole thing. Dead on arrival. Elon Musk have kept mum. The SEC says the CEO of tesla broke is settlement by tweeting about his company's production numbers without getting prior approval. But Musk's attorneys say he was merely restating information that had already been released. It was not material information, and it didn't alter the mix of data available to investors. Mark Remillard, ABC news. New york. Musk's attorney filed papers fighting the charges in court Chicago police officer under investigation for the shooting of an unarmed artistic teen in two thousand seventeen we'll have his suspension doubled Sergey Khalil Muhammad will. Now be off the force for six months. You're listening to ABC news. News Radio six ten WTVN. Alison Wyant they think he'd been doing this for a while Columbus vice detective was indicted today on seven charges that stemmed from an investigation into reports that he'd been arresting women, and forcing them to engage in sex before letting them go Columbus police officer, Andrew Mitchell, also facing several other charges today is the FBI says he lied to them by stating he never had sex with a prostitute. But the FBI says it was just the opposite information previously provided by the public was critical investigation..

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