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You're missing out on that because you're up to your eyeballs and `buyers. Some of them are real some art, but you don't feel like calling a buyer back and yet. It's actually a listing. You're blowing off, so we'll talk about that. We're GONNA. Talk about a script called three times out script. Another one called the floor model script and remind you that in Premier, coaching you get your buyer presentation, which is already made for you as well as coaching on how to use it. That's called the buyer mastery class, so we're going to cover a lot of ground. Want to start with where buyers. We don't need many headlines or anything we so if you guys if you guys want their latest, a real estate headlines just go to our website. Tim and Julie Harris. Dot Com. We're going to start sharing some of the most read topics on our social channels as well. I said addiction moratorium. We should mention well okay so well. It's actually finalized yet, but the gist of it is does look. Look like there is going to be with. This new. was going to Care Act two point Oh. There is going to be a continuation of the foreclosure moratorium. It looks like it's going to be pushed through. The end of the year looks like there's going to be a continuation of the unemployment, the enhanced unemployment insurance. It looks like there's GonNa be continuation of maybe even on the SBA side. The PGA lawns, and all these other types of things we would. We expected, and we essentially total. Have you guys back when these programs were announced March and April that we did not see that there would ever be an into them, and we're going to stick with that. You know that thesis we. There will never be an end to them now January first of two thousand and twenty one. One Not January first, two, thousand, twenty two. There's GonNa be a never ending continuation of all these programs in one form or another and we're going to talk more and more on the PODCASTS, and obviously in our main website timidly hearst dot com about the ramifications to the economy, but specifically to housing so make sure you're staying tuned, and also a quick reminder. You guys are not. Not, in our free coaching program that we also launched back in March when covid hit I strongly encourage you to do that immediately, and it does have the basics of everything you should be doing for the rest of the year including the Ninety Day massive action plan which Mrs Harris just recently updated, so make sure you guys employees that and all you have to use text the word survival..

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