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Nineteen plugging. Everyone America Honi hope opener doing well happy fall to you. Today is the first day of fall two thousand nineteen and what did you hear in beautiful and Exotic Bristol Connecticut. It's Balmy armie ninety degrees. I think it's like thirty three Celsius incredible. Where else would you rather be than right here right now. What an honor it is to be hosting this. Show for all of you on this great Monday afternoon about so much discuss coming up an entertaining event in Mexico City this past Saturday unfortunately it ended on a bit of Sour note an ugly note case. You missed it. Jeremy Stevens your Rodriguez main event. Everyone was looking forward to it. As the people's main event was the main event a lot not at stake it was Rodriguez his first time back in Mexico first time headlining a show in Mexico yet not and around four years and the fight lasts fifteen fifteen seconds accidental poke it seemed like Jeremy was trying very hard to fight through it her being the referee who has been criticised all a year long and often rightfully so I thought handled the situation very well. I thought he was on point. He was calm he was collected and Stevens just couldn't open his left eye and since then when people have been criticizing Stevenson calling him a coward this guy would like what forty or so fights on his pro record the guy who fights anyone anywhere anytime sometimes to his detriment and you're criticizing him. You're questioning his manhood. You're questioning his heart. It's a it's a shameful situation even more shameful is the fact that he was showered like buy beer by what who knows what was thrown at him. People were coming down from the top of the standards at that arena in Mexico City to get had a better look at him to throw things at him. I hope those people on this Monday afternoon Monday morning. I hope those people are embarrassed. I hope they are ashamed. I hope they are never allowed back at any. You have see event. I hope they're never allowed back to that arena because no athletes should be treated that way no athlete no fighter no entertainer no performer. Who are you to throw things. I know you're upset. Guess what there are. Eleven love and other great fights on that card. You got your money's worth all right. We know you're upset. The Guy's not a coward for people to throw. I'd never seen like that and we could split hairs. All we want to twenty nine I have I've never seen a seen at event. That was disgusting. That was classless. That was shameful. That was pitiful us any adjective you want. I was embarrassed for those people and I hope they're embarrassed are so themselves so Jeremy Stevens deserves better. Hopefully he's okay. Hopefully he's not seriously injured and hopefully we get that fight in the very near future. Hopefully they just run it back in a month author so and we can find out who's the better man. I was looking for to Jeremy. Stevens told us last week that he spent six weeks in Mexico. He's been thirty thousand dollars on this training camp. You Vicky wanted this fight. The last fifteen seconds you think he wanted to just get his show money. You think he was looking for a way out once he got to the cage. Come on use commonsense. Just completely idiotic takes takes. I see all day long enough of it. These are fighters or do you think they're afraid of. They do for a living think. They're afraid they're actually in the cage at this point. Oh on second thought I'd like a way out out come on. Let's do better so anyway that was disappointing but like I said the rest of the card was great. Esparza Grosso tremendous fight the return a brand Marino tremendous tremendous fight every now. Donna looked tremendous Stephen Peterson. Where did that come from these seventh spinning backs. Ko and you have see history. These are just some of the notable wins or results. I should say because there was a draw in their brand Marino which I'd like to see again against Oscar Askarov so there was a lot of course last week as well we had the UFC two forty four press conference Nathan Diaz for Hamas Waddell. A lot of people thought it was a lot of people thought it didn't live up to the hype. Well guess what I told you listened to the reporters on Wednesday. That was going to be just that they're both counterpunchers. When it comes to press conferences they're both the kind of guy who likes to sit back. Relax and sort of react to the other but in this case when you have two guys were sitting back and relaxing. You'RE NOT GONNA get a lot of fireworks so a lot of quotes but you got maswadeh. I'll looking like that. You got the great scene gene behind us with the bridge. You Got New York City. You got some questionable questions by media and I see a lot of people criticizing the media like Oh do better. Those people weren't real media. How about we criticize is the people who let those people in the US should do better as far as who they let into these things now in New York mid week I get it. There's not a lot of 'em media there it. It was what it was. Let's not get all crazy. It's going to be a great fight November second and later today. We're going to get a great interview from as well. Let me run out today's lineup so I'm getting all fired up. I'm looking forward to talking to our first guest of the day this one of my favorite lineups of the year and I sense the excitement from view I came into Bristol today fired up. I got a lot to say my beloved buffalo. Bills are three you know. What more can you like. I mean really Daniel. Cormie is going to join us in his first interview since his loss forty one. Is he going to keep on fighting. Is he going to fight steep amiach. How is he feeling these days a month or so later we'll find out from DC in his first interview. I sat down with House Thursday New York City for an interview about his past where he came from. I learned a lot about this man that I did not know before we'll run that entire interview on this show trust me. It's a different look a lot of interesting insight into the man they call game bread the pride of the three zero five Miami Cuba or yes anyway. Jack Hermansson is going to join us at two forty five he headlines lines the US's debut in Denmark this Saturday. What a great car. This is littered with names from top to bottom interesting fights interesting personalities Mark Madsen a Olympic silver medalist. It's going to make his debut. You've got the return of Nicholas Daulby Jack Shores on the card Landau Veneta MARCECA's. There's a lot to light from this card Saturday afternoon. It's headlined by that man who goes up against Jared Cananea the near. We'll talk to him. Joey Coco is going to join us. You're all very excited about this. He'll join us at around two twenty looking forward to catching up with him talking to him. He's a huge. MMA Fan a Superfan from Cuba and knows a lot about Maswadeh Romero all those guys but it's a big fan you know about him. It'd be grit mentality the the Church of what's happening now. Joe Rogan podcast all that stuff Joey Diaz making his debut on the program. We'll talk to Martin Kampman the face of Danish. MMA for all those years most wins as far as Danish fighters are concerned inside the octagon eleven wins in the UFC have talked to him and while he's going to be a big part of the show this Saturday we'll talk him Leon Edwards. Where does he factor into the whole scenario barrio. One seventy will catch up with rocky Edwards. Is he going to fight for the belt is he. GonNa Squeeze in there who the heck knows and Jeremy Stevens will join us at one twenty five talk about his eye and what happened in that. I mean event on Saturdays. We have our first guest. is she ready to go okay but first let us go to the facetime machine or skype machine. Oh facetime machine and talked to our our first guest of the day she had a massive win on Saturday against Alexa Grasso. A lot of people are mean to her as well but she deserved to win that fight to rounds to one great fight great performance from Carlos Bars. She's he's kind enough to join US right now from. I believe the airport in Mexico. Is that accurate Carla. Why appreciate you doing this very much. Congratulations on the win. How are you feeling physically less than forty eight hours later. I've been better but usually after every fight. I get banged up a little bit. my apple roll over on in pretty good would exactly happen to the elbow. Like what kind of injuries did you sustain. I didn't go and get x-rays or anything or I but it's already feeling a lot better. I've been doing it to me. I think maybe discount like a dislocation. I'm thinking and just kind of like right now. Nothing crazy I know looks pretty gnarly on the video though yeah pretty gnarly I think that's an understatement it was it was shocking. Lucky to watch. It reminded me. I don't know if you've ever saw Benson Henderson versus Donald Sharoni one when Benson was like Ben and that's where the name came from. That's what it reminded. Me Of. Arms Aren't supposed host a bend that way. Could you tell us what's going through your mind. When this is happening I mean I was. I knew it was suckered really titanic and I was just thinking like Oh my God like should I tap tap. I was like no no like I was like. Keep wanting twenty. Something move like trying. I wiggle out like try anything. You can't get out of this and you know. Fortunately I was able to spin out it was still even locked in a little bit after spun out but but you know fortunately how close were you to tapping late super it was it was obviously lots of joint. Have you ever felt anything like that before. Even practice roll like have you ever felt your arm ben like that and the feelings that come as a result no never I've never felt anything like that but in in the heat of the moment you know the adrenaline with the you know just in a fight you know I'm packing always have early but in a fight is one of the things like you know. He just Kinda got. Did she surprise you in the third round because in addition to that she really came on strong like I think there's a case to be made that that if this was a pride flag maybe she would want because they would score the end of the fight more so than the beginning of the fight. Did you think that she was gonna come on based on the first two rounds. Did you think she was is gonNA. Come on strong the third. I was really surprised I think she was down around you. You have to keep it. Keep close a couple of times but yeah I felt like I had them. You know for sure and she just came like a storm that third round to do think that they would score to draw..

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