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Just about all these doubt from Walt them up into Wakefield. Route One is backed up north bound, getting by route 60 and revere. But then you're back up to speed. My king. WBC's traffic on the three Alright? Yeah, we do have that severe thunderstorm warning up until seven o'clock for parts of Suffolk, Norfolk, Plymouth in Bristol counties. That's because we're watching this one storm, the one that Mike was just talking about. Right now it's making its way into Randolph. Over parts of 24 1 39 northern parts of Avon as well leaving Canton and Stoughton. The storm could drop some quarter sized hail 60 mile an hour winds with this we do have some power outages there as well about 4000 or so, according to me, Emma Let's get the rest of the forecast. Now in the four day WBZ AccuWeather a thunderstorm around into this evening in the storm can produce flooding down for it. And it was mostly cloudy later on tonight, warm and muggy with a shower or thunderstorm around low 72 clouds and some sunny breaks Tomorrow. Feeling hot and human again hide 85 to 90 for the city in England, mid to upper seventies on the Cape and Islands. Partly cloudy tomorrow night Low 66 cooler and less humid on Thursday with some sunshine high 75 to 80, then breezy and even cooler on Friday with partly sunny skies high 65 70 I make you weather meteorologist. Erickson Did BBC Boston's news radio 72 in raining right now in lemon stir seeing some clouds and Nuba reports 74 degrees there. South of town on the Cape. Just 73 some clouds in Mashpee right now in Boston at 6 26 Light rain and word 84. Degrees forecast brought to us by Toyota's official website A website for deals. Buy a Toyota dot com Soon into WBZ at 705 A. M, 12 35 and 5 35 PM for tomorrow's technology today, brought to you by.

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