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Society is not exchanges the social scripted not exchanging but marking bodies which are part of the earth. We've seen that. The regime of debt directly resulted from the savage inscription or is the unit of alliance and alliance is representation itself. It is alliance that codes flows of desire not by means of debt rates for man a memory of words that represses the great intense mute. Iliad memory the germinal influx as the representative of the non coated flows desire capable of submerging. It is debt that articulates the alliances with affiliations become extent nor to form in to forge a system in extension pation based on the repression of nocturnal intensities. The alliance that answers to it. Nature described as humanities prehistoric labor. The use of the cruelest nima technics in naked flesh to impose a memory of words founded on the ancient bio cosmic memory. That is why it is so important to see debt as a direct consequence in the primitive inscription process instead of making it and the inscriptions themselves into an indirect means of universal exchange. Is the family. I was born with alliances the extended groupings of that. They went through a lot more in depth of that. But it's Where i came from almost genetically a micro existence whereas alliance is the the rest that surrounds me. Maybe an awkward way to phrase it but alliance was more spatial. More vertically arranged i would say and and felions horizontally temporal. Oh yeah and that's interesting because when we talk about these alliances it's like you subscribe to a form of preset order. That has not yet changing not Doesn't pay attention to how it will generate so to speak and maybe took it more concrete. It reminds me when they say the socio is in script of mocking bodies like this Constant revolutions in controlling and Yeah how do how do we say. An enforce new ways of a restriction on people in the state for example in england when they introduced the postal system and every person Before that never had something like Number for the house or the there were no direct street names but they created in england in that time Ah very Complex system like today's maps of ob- streets with every street has its significant it's single name at every house has its specific number so you can Not only point to a person by their name but To the number in a specific system so they get Just represented in.

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