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So i think he in some ways probably saw this coming i mean i tell people all the time when they asked me this i say look i don't know i mean i think he would hate trump i mean he trump represents everything my father stood against you know just the gulf part of light male wrench businessman narcissistic just the whole the part of new york that my dad just you know my dad came from the upper west side streets of new york nine hundred and twenty i so which is now george carlin weight which is george carlin way so he everything about trump he would have hated and his especially his racism my father was a man who from day one on earth for me was all about you know everything this country has ever done is oppressed people of a different skin color massacred the indians and then we shift in black people you know all of that so he a huge soft soft heart for minorities and and the underdog but the chaos of it he would have i'm sure when he didn't like to do politics in the sense of like everyone else making eat i don't know if he you know every once in a while he'd bring up right you didn't kind of high level he did sort of philosophic policy picture you know and if he if he brought up bush and dick cheney you know it because he talked about the bush and the dick and all that kind of soviet that was great you know the pete rockets and penises and the gulf war whatever it was.

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