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That is pretty smart. Get six three months of instant inc when you choose. Hp plus conditions apply visit. Hp dot com slash. Smart for details. This episode is brought to you by. Cvs ready to up your beauty and wellness game. The epic beauty event at cbs is back now through september twenty fifth. Everything you need is on sale. They're also giving even more rewards with escalating extra box. Spend thirty dollars and get ten dollars an extra bucks rewards or spend forty dollars. Then get fifteen dollars. And that's on top of all. The deals see their circular to learn more or visit. Cvs dot com slash epic beauty. God play of the day. Check this out. Re receivers left shotgun. Snap back to throw. Murray in trouble. Spins out of there to his left being chased by two vikings and launched a deep wide open near side of the forties more thirty twentieth of fifteen ten. You are particularly courtesy of ninety eight point seven. Fm arizona's sport's station since coming into the league. In two thousand seventeen cuyler murray is three touchdown passes of seventy seven yards or longer tat tied with matt ryan for the most in the nfl over that span. That's our play of the day brought to you by dollar shave club. Go into the store and asked for a dollar shave club upgrade to the dollar shave club six blade razor for a noticeably smooth shave thanks to their six precision cut stainless steel blades dollarshaveclub dollarshaveclub dot com all right Best worse than the weekend. Todd start with you. My best in a back and forth game fresno state qb jake hainer leads the bulldog to upset victory over the bruins. The rosebowl forty thirty seven thirty nine fifty three four hundred fifty five yards a pair of touchdowns worst of the weekend now at three and enough to their. We're starting forty five years. The florida state seminoles loser wake forest by three touchdowns. Thirty five fourteen since mclovin is on the adam sandler. Movies set seat newcomer. My best of the weekend. Ted lasts cleaning up at the emmys has all of my best friends one. My other best is actually listening to al michaels. Watch lamar jackson play he. I wish that he could do every single ravens games because he has this thing that he does. He must have done a dozen times last night. Where al michaels will be like. All right is third and to jackson under center. Get it every time he took over. Just get so much joy out of it. It's great to to listen to. Oh i hope. I'll gets a chance to call more games because it feels like this is his last season calling and then might torika will take over for al michaels. I don't know if that's official. But i the nfl nfl needs al michaels calling games. Maybe when amazon takes over the thursday night games they can have. I'll do that. Paulie go my worse so we can have a ted lasso. Situation by wife was watching the emmys last night. You we gotta check out this show. Ted lasts a year and a half ago. I asked you to sit down and watch it with me and she goes. What's it around like. it's about American football coach goes to coach soccer. English is i'm not watching that and she's like she totally dismissed so i had to watch up now that's often popular. She wants to watch it all right best. The we can army football fifty two twenty one over yukon. Yukon should be relegated to one double a or worse. The army black knights ran for three hundred ninety seven yards on you and they know it's coming. They don't pass the ball. new fourteen. Different running backs carried the ball for army. They been completed three or three passes for one hundred yards in. Michael wilbon had a tweet yesterday. Wilbon the nfl has established a new level of arrogance today with its application of this infraction. It's both obsessive in stupid. I don't know who's bothered like who's bothered by taunting. That's what i wanna know. how did we get. How did this come up where someone goes. We really got to address this taunting. Okay if there were fights that were breaking out. Then i would go okay. I get it and please. Don't tell me you know we're worried about the kids. Don't don't use as as an excuse. Hey we're gonna embrace gambling. You're not worried about the kids. If you want to celebrate it should be celebrate. If you've got beat and you're sort of involved you're in the picture of the celebration. Sorry aside from getting in your face or saying something about your mom. I mean okay who got a taunting penalty for giving the peace sign in the end zone yesterday. There's a a player on an interception. He just started running backwards. There's no defensive player even near him. And he just got called for taunting that was the buccaneers. Yeah back who had two interceptions in a span of four minutes. Yeah he is turned around toward the defense. But there's nobody to pick sixes and span of has that ever happened in. Nfl history in the span of four minutes to pick sixes for the same guy. See if we can get some of our best people on that already best and worst of the weekend poll question update the poll results polling. Here we go most likely owen to team to make the playoffs. The colts fifty three percent. The vikings forty four percent and the jaguars. Giants and falcons are getting almost nothing. I was looking ahead to next weekend's games. I know you have the lines. The packers tonight. I'm not dismissing that. But you got tampa bay at the rams. You got the chargers at kansas city. You got green bay at san francisco philly dallas and cincinnati at pittsburgh tampa. Rams is awesome chargers. Kansas city should be tasty green bay san francisco philly dallas and then cincinnati pittsburgh. One of those where. Joe borough goes wait. The raiders beat pittsburgh but are the odds of me being able to go in there and beat them. The next week with the defense was banged up. That certainly helped but dare car had a great game philly in dallas. That feels like a thanksgiving day game right or are they playing on thanksgiving again this year. But then that would be playing in philadelphia. So that doesn't happen green bay at san francisco. We're gonna find out an awful lot about green bay. It feels like you're probably not going to find that up tonight. But you'll find that at san francisco chargers in kansas city. He was good. Justin herbert was good against kansas city last year but Tampa at the rams. That'll be on fox next sunday afternoon. That'll be three of the bucks. I four games against you know big time opponents dallas new england now the rams they of course roughed up at atlanta yesterday but Aaron donald jalen ramsey. They face. Tom brady three times in those games. Zero sacks for donald.

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