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Science guy. B b b b b green. I'm just saying like science teachers green like spear me right now. You guys here. The Latin gremlin in the background cuddling. They hear it as much as we we'd. Okay here. Okay. Yeah. Headland gremlin. This is when I turn off the Puerto Rican Mike in the studio. Notice. How is just me you sound so sexy sound so beautiful making cut your cuticle? Make you go to the place maybe by new studio. Yeah. Right. It's because you, bro. I'm sorry. It's just maybe maybe if it was me, then or maybe, you know, maybe I was over there play. Dr Dreyer's is my family's is your my fan base. Oh is that what is cocoa? Yeah. Oughta dead. Oughta Latinos over there. Yes. Indeed. So yes. So I don't personally agree with it. Because I wasn't aware that they were states have done it. And it didn't like it didn't come back profitable. Excuse me. She's we're we're bad today. We nasty I've been holding. My kaufman. So are we going to talk about Vam what happened now a Bama this week? Besides the impasse inet stupid Bill. What why when do we get to this point where we care so much about people getting help? Like when did we turn into those types of people who I mean, I guess. I feel like we're all some George Zimmerman's. Why do you don't think he's being abused? Or there has been. I don't care though. Because you know, why I'm not abusing it. I'm not abusing it. And my money is going. I can't decide the like I said the keep talking. You can't decide what? Every time. I keep talking. You always ask me a question. I realize you do that last week. I keep talking they go. What about beyond it? Listen. How do you hear that for twice? But I hear that part. So what else happening Alabama? I dunno extra question. What else have I have no clue haven't Alabama tornadoes. You fucking nut man. Yeah. You put it in there. Remember the funerals? What do you think the funerals were covered for? Oh, yeah. What a dummy federal government spent nearly four trillion last year for most Americans spending ten thousand remains a big deal. However, the average American family pays a federal government and lease that amount in taxes each year. Many of us only have a vague sense of where the money actually goes. I got done. Didn't do. I got the scenario right now. I need we need. If anyone out there we need to. In apprentice, not apprentice, intern we need intern in the studio intern green light on east wanna handle all I want to just focus on, you know. So if you got experience with OB S or a lot of smart kids, a lovely Trump you grabbing punk kids and bring him in here punks because we ain't gonna pay them sit there. To enter, but they're gonna want to return. It will slab moving me. All right. So before break it down where the federal government spends our money. It's worth considering how the amount of taxes average American pays has been calculated gave we know it's been a lot of money. Taxes taxes? You know, I have you heard about anyone doing taxes because these a couple of people personally that I work with that have done their taxes who have voted for the person that's in office. taxes? We're gonna do good. It's is is. We're not looking good. Yeah. We we usually April thirteenth. We usually do right for tax day. Don't rush. You look the type. Did it a? Yeah. Fuck man question, I need Syria. My dick. Oh siri. On the dick. Yeah. Siri siri. Wash start killing people for how you talk to Syria. Caceres a woman. All right. So most of the budget goes towards defense social security major health programs. They don't even have welfare listed as a thing. Sorry tax not useful offer. No, not like, it's like when you look at the things that make up the defense social security. It's it's looped in so minute that is looped into something else. All right so safety net programs this category foods. Nope. Not those either that's retirement and disability remaining program area dam. I guess we'll give no money. See? So I don't know. But Jose did a bad job of holding you down. Look like he was talking about the tornadoes that hit Ella. Bama funeral in him. You go talk to find Lipford. So Alabama tornadoes. There was a native American tribe. They'll cover the cost they decided to cover the cost of all the at all. Does it? I'll just I'll get to get to a first the tornado four people died. We all know what happened attorney L. We don't just found out five. So so there's a lot of people twenty four that got killed in tornadoes in Alabama. They got very little warning. Usually this has a tornado is usually very little warning. But these people got less than the amount of warning that you're supposed to get for tornadoes and people can evacuate twenty four people died. So. A native American tribe. Got wind of this. And they decided they're going to cover the cost of the funerals for all the Alabama tornado victims, which is very very nice of them. So oftentimes it we're situations. Bring out the best in people. So here it is. Air. It is two seconds. So it didn't kill twenty four. That's why would get to kill twenty three. Came back on the dead. So anyway, the try we'll be putting up one hundred eighty four thousand dollars that's going to be the cost for all twenty three and they will put up the entire amount to cover the funerals for these people very very nice a lot of families out there. Can you can't afford? It was last minute. Like that. Maybe we start prepared for funerals or do you have a like a fun for funerals for your free new never pay for my funeral? I was looking at life insurance. Crystal says, she I got I've insurance. Okay. You're gonna die before me. I think about what anything about my life insurance. So I got to set that up. I thought how life assurance do the job or som-? So I never really looked into it. But actually, I was looking to cause those funerals usually like ten twenty thousand a pop so I'm making easy on my wife. And I've I've let her know. I don't want to they got gotta cremate you twice and they look at you.

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