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Dime. I in my whole life to get the down payment for my first house of forty five thousand dollar house. I had to put down nine thousand dollars. I scrimped and saved my entire life descript together that nine grand, okay. Where is it written? I was entitled to a home where nowhere now what is the solution to the bump problem? I'll give it to you again. There is only one solution to the bump problem, which is proliferating which is not providing them housing because the minimum cost to provide. Each of these bums, a domicile is about a half a million dollars in a city. I don't care where it is. I don't care how it is on how you cut it. I don't care whether it's this or it's that it's about a half a million bucks a unit. And the only solution is to round them up. Move them out of city centers and Bill lodge transient housing centers for them in the in the outskirts and cheap land, maybe one hundred miles from the nearest city where land is very very cheap and you build barracks style housing to hold the bums. That's the minimum and the maximum we could afford and you make most of the bums who are able bodied help build the housing. And then you'll give them the care that they need. But you don't bring them into a city by the millions and tell them that they're entitled to a home or tell them they're entitled to food. Now, nurses are reporting things that you can't believe here's one nurses are reporting from hospitals that many of these homeless bums will call nine one one. To get ambulances to take them to the hospital simply to get a Tylenol. And then while the bums are at the hospital. They order a meal. And the ambulance entry to emergency rooms pushes these filthy bums to the front of the line in the hospitals. So if you think that they're all downtrodden and week you're mistaken. There are some of the toughest people in America. And we just can't take care of everyone now with this huge population of bums in almost every city of America. Why are we letting millions of people come over the border who have absolutely nothing to contribute to American society? We can't afford this. Don't you understand this? Well, I do and I'm not gonna eat my heart out. I'm going to open the phone up here at eight five five four hundred seventy eight two eight five five four and savage, and we'll come back, and I'll take any story that you want any topic you want we'll have a conversation of two from behind enemy lines right here on the Savage Nation..

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