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All right. Thank you, Mark. Thank you. So I just had another follow up. Um, also the importance of washing your hands, especially before you eat. Oh, I know that it's Fairly common. People go to a like a fast food restaurant, and they'll pay with their credit card or cash, and then they'll get their food and and go eat right away, and that's a bunch of contact. Sure is. Yes. That's a bunch of Yeah, That's great. I think Mark brought up a great point early in the course of Covid washing your hands four times a day. Reduce transmission 30%. So again, and we said this a lot last year. Don't touch your face. Wash your hands, You know, don't spread this. That's basic good hygiene. Anyway, it's all the basics of the virus out there. Thanks, Mark. Thank you. Text question. What is this SEPA drug that you just mentioned doctor? SEPA is a Casa Penton OIC acid. It's a prescription medication that showed that it reduced. Um Covets symptoms and in the course of the disease by about 50 to 54%. And I doubt that any of your clinicians are, uh, medical treatment. People would know about it because they don't read a lot of the medical information that's published Doctor Kabul. I think you got cut off just a little bit there. What's the drug called again? Via a F C. E P s Thank you very much. All right. Well, thank you for calling in once again, uh,.

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