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The dogs have been trying to bought so much. Is there a lot of the in the treatment of these kind of things okay. You can't chase that down the street. Whatever and i'm reinforcing with food and that sort of goes ahead and we are able to modify the dog's behavior in that time but then the the lake ovaries they start destroying the couch like they like because that i have to catch something bought it and destroy it like you presented the stimulus to me. I'm in that level of arousal. I play just silly game. I got the food. And now when i go home. Something's getting richt like that. Goes israeli to be again working at the right level of arousal working in a way that you want to continue and i another name for bat is boring aggression treatment basically be boring like when they see child or another dog that they're not like oh my god. I need a rapid stirred out but like hey what's gone on sniff. You know the boring staff. It doesn't bring a bunch of people running so that's my goal is to really get people to be aware of their their dogs behavior. And i think that's one thing that really does well because we are because of the time when people were just following their dogs in reading them learning. What is my dog..

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