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Government says if it's going to pay for special ed students then they have to be placed in mainstream environments as much as possible congress made that the law because for years our country had a real problem that special ed kids were being warehouse in isolated and according to the law public schools are just considered to be more mainstream than private religious schools so in east ram appell the city parents would often go to the school district and they ask for this special ed children to be put in pride ishida's using government money in the school district would say sorry we have to follow the law and the law says no which i brought up with you as he gets detonator fill the largest has a very clear interest thing preference for keeping them in a in a public setting the the the festival if the low torture children's law should be changed in also don't don't don't throw around the law i mean law was used to agitate against people all the time so of the lowest broken don't go don't for the district to spend the million dollar to fudges download changed the long finish on it's never an argument to me like girl will laws change them mm devil hmm these complaints and frustrations grew and grew year after year and so did the his it again ultraorthodox population eventually that population without a point where it wasn't big enough to do what gets steiner is saying changed the damn law but it was big enough to do something else when it started to ladder to the orthodox i guess it they would win i wanna sure you soon of these numbers this is many cal hoon she's a former east ram oppose school parent elected to the school board in two thousand four she showed me the.

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