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You see them as being conflicted but also as being the difference between reward and contentment i want to get into those with using first mentioned that rubber leszek is professor emeritus of pediatrics and the division of endocrinology you see a seven member the institute for health policy studies that you see us let's let's talk about that division but let's talk about another division first and as nope amine and serotonin not to get too much in the weeds here but this is central to your whole thesis in absolute no unfortunately we have to get a little bit scientific in order to understand this so 30s hamid prevent we should get a laggard living well look the first thing half the news you have to understand that every thought that you have is really a noor chemical reaction in your brain every memory as a protein phosphorylation every emotion is to neurons communicating together and those communications involve chemicals that go across that's why we have an antidepressant pharmacopoeial that's why we have an anti reward and opiates pharmacopoeial is because these chemicals act on our brains in certain ways when you understand how those work than you know the thesis of the book makes sense so let's talk about the differences between dopamine serotonin right off the bat dopamine is the reward neuro transmitters also the learning transmitter it's the transmitter that tells you bring hate i like this i walk more and its active in this area the brain called the reward center or the nucleus accumbens now dopamine is an excite a tory neuro transmitter it excites the next neuron so when dopamine is released across the synapse which is the cleft between two neurons it binds to receptors and it activates it fought makes that mix noor on fire neurons like to fire that's why they have receptors but there was like to be tickled not bludgeoned they like to be stimulated and then the stimulation stop chronic overstimulation of any neurons leads to neurons cell death we know that because.

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