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Remember. This is not just any song. These things are hard to measure but wind of change is one of the biggest rock singles in history. It's something like the thirteenth biggest selling single of the pre digital era which means the single sold more physical copies than Bohemian rhapsody or like a prayer or anything by Britney Spears. It may not be all that well known inside the US but in the rest of the world. The song is ubiquitous it. Hit number one on the charts all across Europe on Youtube. It's been listened to nearly eight hundred million times so when I first heard this story. I was totally incredulous. Michael was to as a bullshit. I mean seriously like you guys have songwriters the is like yeah like we he said. Yes yes. This particular story sounded absurd. Because it's a heavy metal band and the song. I had no idea what the history of the song was in terms of. Its like beloved admiration. These countries were like with that song. That's this particular song. It was the anthem. According to that wikipedia entry. The song was composed and written by the band's lead singer Klaus Mina. You could feel given the changing. I guess that was the religion for our singer to write a song. The liner notes on the Scorpions. One thousand nine hundred album crazy world say the same thing close. Mina has given dozens of interviews about how he was inspired by that trip to Moscow in the summer of nineteen eighty nine while they were there. The ban took a boat ride on the Moskva River with a bunch of other rockers. And that ostensibly gave rise to those opening lines. I follow the Moskva down.

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