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Hitler Oh yeah it's a distract from the fact that yeah you so. It's it's archbishop to Merrick Doc. Jed Rats. Well ski well like my mispronunciation is probably at that. To your listed you say in the mirror in the bathroom. The about Skis Zebra Ski. That's it's probably just a normal Polish last name. I I can't pronounce Shaheed delivered a sermon in which LGBTQ I plus people people enemies of the state. Wow Yeah. Because they're under siege so a quote Our land it voice for this person that I haven't thought of all my no. It's isn't it by the red flag which does not mean there is no one wants to control our so's hearts and minds he told in the medieval saint. Mary's basilica one of the most important churches for Polish people know exist. I moved the same spirit. Marxist not read he was quoted as saying by I Privacy Huber so according to him Poland no longer has to worry about Nazis because they've been defeated so sure now he's going to be his own little personal Hitler no no. He's a gay people. I don't think he says Gay People Hitler but like no he's Hitler. Well Ah yeah kind of but I mean it's he's he's Polish so roaming around that. That's what I'm talking about. The the the gays like Hitler spoke of the Jews. I mean that's true. Yeah Yeah I hesitate to call People Hitler now because this is going out on the Internet and that tends to undercut your point somewhat but I think the guy who invented the what was the what was what's the law the If you bring up the Nazis you lose the debate All the guy who came up with that law kind of soften the restrictions recently. No no he said It's Godwin Ray. Godwin Godwin's law is over time. The odds that on conversation on the Internet the odds that someone re rebels Hitler or the Nazis Yeah Approaches one right right out of one. So there was some push-back I go right there. Now by Evidently prominent atheist in Poland Robert the drone. There's an accent sent on the end so I don't know how to announce anything in this story WHO also happens speak gay and recently launched his own political party? I'm trying to counter the religious majority. I Make Oh good job Robert contacted show. If you WANNA hear about I know we have. There's a Polish version of the atheist experience that launched. Maybe they watch watch this if they do send him a message. Be Great the cool to talk about this talking to people but anyway Robert the drone I don't know what his voice sounds like so he gets one for me. We already had such people. Politicians who used similar words need into huge slaughters genocide. This is an incitement to crime to hatred. He told news website. He says it he sees it clearly very butch and you can tell Guy So He's right and it's the it's the point that you're making which you know. Wow Oh I didn't realize I was pressing fair. So yeah yeah he's pricing am and so. Yeah Yeah I mean so. Yeah so the. The Shit Internet the apologists say kind of tries to focus on the ship. The Internet apologists says rather than the responsible. So it's it's kind of tricky. Will that in where we're coming up on time but it's also it's that this is the same place where they burned copies of Harry Potter because it was real they were marked International. Wow Yeah you know. Watch out because there's a rainbow flag a rainbow pestilence. Well Well No. His words were plague. Like although it's possible that he was being in Polish. So this man I. I don't know that that's a Polish word God. I don't know it doesn't sound. You're talking to the bloody Mary expert. Trust me. That's not that doesn't make you flew in Polish. That's not how that's not how any it works wanted to letty. Mary is an American. Urban Legend. Are- Not England in poet. Oh Wow what I think. She's glow well bloody the Queen Mary. Urban Legend is drawing them in the Queen and then and she kills you because you're not Catholic or something which is going to come get you no matter what what if you're Catholic. She was Catholic. That was she killed healthy because she's so Queen Mary. I'm a fuck. I'M GONNA have flipped Catholic and process. She was the yes. He was a Catholic. One and Elizabeth was was Sorry to everyone that fought in those religious wars. If gotten your religion entirely wrong. They're interchangeable to me because So she she was called Mary. I'm thinking you know. But the actual human that existed right the thing the part of this. That's real Because she was the religious okay. England is a country and as part of the United Kingdom And Its history has periods of time where Protestants killed Catholics and Catholics killed. Protestants Most just recently very recently most prominently recently in the nineteen seventies One of those periods of time we had Queen Mary. We had creamery. There was this queen and her. The name was Mary and she killed a bunch of people. At least that's what she's known for. I think it actually wasn't that many. But it was like she was executing people and it was bloody or something so they called her bloody Mary as a as a queen. I'd forgotten that because he distracted me with your boogeyman Lorenzo. Cocoon Mary Mirror. Or whatever a handy enemy your candy. Anyway Mary Cuckoo. I have no idea where the drink is called Bloody Mary but In any case Ah Dennis I think it's about time for you to take us all home. Is it my time. I believe the rice come for us to say well. So what did you think he asked. Okay it wasn't as bad as I thought. She admitted he smiled. It wasn't great. She added with a smirk but it wasn't bad he snorted was at least good enough to do it again in two weeks on the twenty first of August. Don't you mean on the seventeenth. She prodded. I was talking about the listeners. Sure you were.

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