Los Angeles, California, Cesar Chavez discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod - Ep. 162 - Rep. John Lewis


A few months later you were with him in los angeles and you were organizing the african american community of los angeles for the all important california primary with cesar chavez who was working the hispanic precinct remembers i remember so railed labor organized where we teaming up from time to time winner to sumner wealthy white neighborhoods elorza are trying to convince people to vote for bobby rather the for humphrey mccarthy and uh somehow you knew that he was gonna curators to state of california and he did you were with him right before he went out to make his victory speech that and i would say to you he will he sought a joke with me and he said john you let me down today uh more mexicanamerican turned out to vote in negros and uh he semblance to speak in you wait here and i waited in the industry with his sister jean kennedy smith and check new field of avila's wars and teddy whites and several other jaws evers mega brother medgar evers the slaying naacp leader from mississippi right and it was a sad even what how do you process this to you you said after dr king died that you sir transferred all of your energy and loyalty uh to bobby kennedy uh how do you process that waas it's one thing it extraordinary to take the beating beatings that you took over time but what about the sense of loss of these men who were essentially uh mentors of yours.

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