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Seven let's go to canton Daniel you're up next morning that should be with us let's just say let's started you're trying to help like it'll never go to a vote and I'll tell you why sh because what when it goes to a vote then the entire investigation gets handed over to Republican Senate who now you know can subpoena witnesses liked Joe Biden hunter Biden and many others I mean they they want to cover up exactly what they've done by accusing the president of doing it they know what Joe Biden's done they know one hundred five no stunts and they don't have or want that talked about so they accuse the president of all this nonsense just to keep the eyes are off of what people in their own party have really done Joe Biden's stood to gain a lot hunter Biden gained a lot like your last caller talked about but I don't ever see it going to a bowl because that's when the hand the football lost and what does the Republicans run away with the investigation what I got a lot a lot more power how do you feel about that well I see I I I join truly is view and taken little a longer range than that and and it's simply that I think as you look down the road if indeed I don't see the evidence here of Donald Trump doing anything that would rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors that's just my feeling right and so it I think if you do this you have opened the Pandora's box that threat enjoy every future president with the same kind of action based on political animus I agree I agree all right that's where I'm at I didn't appreciate a call thank you so much for friend really appreciated Tom in delta township next up on the Frank Beckman show another good morning Frank how are you are you are you bet you know I'm great I'm going to get better felt thank you get out Frank I would love for you to have colonel north on he was on Hannity yesterday and he does hello he made a number of statements about our whole rake and kind of what you're just too and he was called to a very influential congressman office and the congressman gave him a piece of paper with twenty four charges against him and he he stated that he ordered signed off I'm not against Reagan that there are these charges will go away well as it turned out he did not sign off on it and the but he had to fight these charges for four years in court and he finally got exonerated there was really an interesting statement that he made yeah a lot of people forgotten about the Oliver north the situation by now too and you know stand a book so that he might come on your show or whatever I hope so we'll we'll look forward to having a month it'll be be terrific I I appreciate your help okay thank you Tom a very very much we'll continue on the phones in Milford Fred you're next good morning and on the Frank picked and Joe yeah how you doing Frank a great yeah everybody's great the country's great all we all do there you go yeah so what what could possibly bother us except I'm out of caramel colored that's a here's a here's a good bother us the American public at least of the listening to your radio show or missing a valid big big points I'm no fan of hunter Biden and I can discuss what he should have done and they shouldn't have done and what's wrong with it and okay what's wrong with trump I don't want my president who takes an old to put our business America's business in the forefront of his agenda I don't wanna behind my back asking somebody was a foreign leader to do a favor for him because then he's indebted to that foreign leader I don't want that that's exactly what prompted please do me a favor now when the foreign leaders says one hand washes the other I'd like you to reciprocate what are we gonna do then we got our president and a compromise position so whether there's any quid pro quo or not there is an abuse of power there's a breach of fiduciary duty just as if you were to sell advertising time to a competitor radio station because you get a bigger commission or you get a commission you can't do that you can't be a divided loyalty you can serve two masters the law because at a breach of fiduciary duty politics calls it a an abuse of power okay now not with what happened and they had to call him out because otherwise we would we would say okay came from cool and do whatever you want to do Fred let's let's take it back one step though okay it to the point where Donald Trump wants to make sure that our money that's going to the Ukraine and is about to be sent there is going to be safe and not used for some nefarious purpose to pay off somebody else like a hundred direction with okay okay with that but that's not what it was about but that's that's exactly with with that's exactly what was about he was telling him to clean up his act to clean up his own government okay he come on the matter at the same time stolen do me a favor and reinvent the wheel about who was meddling in the elections and it was really them who's telling him also yet some of them for me on the bidens that's what he was doing and let's forget the Biden said he wanted to know what crowd strike was feeling you bet you know that's that's one of the companies that was that was tapping into into our our internet system so what do you say the ovaries request that help me reinvent the wheel on show me the Ukraine was doing it not Russia when there are three separate government units of the founders Russia what do you do about that one now that the whole purpose of late hold on just a minute he is I don't think the president has ever denied that Russia was was doing some nefarious things behind the scenes way did because he stood right in front of a national audience and told everybody who said he didn't do it and I believe you did okay I don't happen to believe that for for a minute I think the Russians clearly helped out Hillary Clinton in this campaign just see the steel dot CA you know a good Russian agents working with Christopher steel and they had must really in working in there as well so you had a British agent and Australian agent and several Russian agents working on that dossier against the trump administration Frank if I could hear the most important thing for all of really quick to all of us yeah.

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