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Sitting at your desk ally in physical therapy reminds you to stretch one time per hour move to improve for an update from a Gruber law offices. One call, that's all sports death. Here's Brian D. The Brewers take Game one in San Diego, beating the Padres 321 Louise, serious. Billy McKinney and Tyrone Tailor, each heading solo shots for the crew. Same two teams back at it again Tonight Coverage here on WTMJ starts at 8 35. And in basketball it controversial ending Advisor Forum leaves the Bucks stunned in a 1 28 1 27 0 T loss to the sons. The box just have to pick up and move on. They take on the 76 years at home back to back games Thurston under this week and then again on Saturday afternoon. It's time for extra points. A sports opinion commentary on Wisconsin's morning use Here's Brian D. Miracle is my favorite sports movie. It tells the tale of head coach Herb Brooks in the 1980. U. S Olympic hockey team, knocking off the heavily favored Soviets haven't been beaten 10 to 3 in an exhibition just a few weeks prior, the U. S entered the game with a severe inferiority complex. But trailing by just one goal is the third period began. Brooks called his team over to the bench. In that moment, they all collectively realized they can not only play with the Soviets, but they could beat. The Brewers are Haven't Herb Brooks moment right now to make it to the world. Serious? Yes, the world Syriza's credit counseling company, you're gonna have to go through some of the most explosive offenses in baseball. The defending champion Los Angeles Dodgers will have the top scoring offense in the league. They're currently second, the Atlanta Braves right on their heels behind them. VP front runner Ronald Akunyili Junior who's heading a whopping 4 19 with seven homers, and 16 R B, I and the Padres will get things clicking. Fernando to teach Junior is still finding his sea legs after missing an early chunk of the season with an injury. So how could the Brewers possibly get through these elite offenses in the playoffs? By being even better on the Mount. We're now three full turns to the Brewers starting rotation. It's fair to say this is one of the best pitching staffs in all of baseball. The Brewers 2.92 team er Ray ranks fourth in the majors. Unfortunately, two of the teams currently ahead of them are the Padres and the Dodgers. It's still really early, but Monday's game can serve as a blueprint. Get great starts get a few timely hits, and you can beat anybody. Here's the best part Christian colleges every bit as good as Muecke bats. A Kunio or Totti's. When he's heading on all cylinders. The Brewers have the talent. They just got to believe. Maybe Monday. Was there Herb Brooks moment..

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