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Lawmakers. Are thinking about boosting security for. Election day many of South Carolina's voting machines are considered adequate some lawmakers even call them, unreliable democratic state Representative Todd Rutherford our, elections are sacrosanct. And we need, to protect, them with not doing. Them with the current system that we. Have in South Carolina because machines are simply outdated budget writers in South Carolina's. Legislature are studying a, plan, to. Spend fifty million dollars on new voting machines with election hacking a. Growing concern Jim Chris cillizza BS news After frontman Bono completely lost his. Voice the, ban U2. cancelled a concert in Berlin at the start at their experience in innocence tour a video posted by a fan on Twitter showed him stopping the concert in a raspy voice telling concert goers something happened and he didn't think he could go on he promised to play another show at another, time, Pam, Coulter CBS news It's two oh five at the bay. Area's news station, KCBS whereas sunny skies around the bay area today good afternoon. I'm Jennifer Honda's here's what's happening four days after Senate Judiciary committee hearings began Tuesday for supreme. Court nominee brick Cavanaugh KCBS as Jeffrey Schaub reports. California's two democratic senators are expected to take center, stage during the process Senator Dianne Feinstein is the most senior democrat on the judiciary committee cholera Harris the most junior we're going to be hearing, critical comments from both of them Rory little is a law professor at the UC. Hastings college of the law in San Francisco. Certainly here questions to cavenaugh about Roe versus Wade both senators support a woman's right to an abortion but little suggests the supreme court nominee, is not likely to play his hand during the, hearings if asked for his position on Roe versus Wade it doesn't really. Matter what Senator Feinstein says in terms of supporting. Right to abortion Cavanaugh I. Was going to say thank you Senator Feinstein I respect your remarks, I certainly appreciate your long experience and I can't come in. And eighteen, nonetheless Feinstein and Harris will play outsized roles during, the four days of scheduled hearings senators will. Make it. Clear to the. Rest of the country that California is a strong supporter of the right to abortion. And no matter what the court does California. Is gonna keep in place a right to abortion even if it were. Eliminated at some federal right little believes unless he somehow makes a major mistake. It's likely Cavanaugh, will win committee approval by week's end Jeffrey Schaub case CBS. The father of Iowa college students says his daughter's death should not be used to promote a. Political agenda a Mexican farm worker suspected of being. In the US illegally has been charged in the, fatal stabbing of Molly Tibbets a twenty year old woman who grew up in the bay area molly's father Robert Tibet's has written an opinion piece, in the demo- in register expressing his anger that his daughter's death has been used, to Advance President Trump's hard line on the legal immigration Molly Tibbets. Body was found August twenty first nearly a month after she disappeared governor Brown is now considering two bills that could change, police confidentiality practices that have been in. Place for decades KCBS gentlemen report one from San Francisco, assemblyman Phil Tang would require police departments that do not release footage from their body cameras in use. Of force cases to give a good reason we have now deployed body cameras all over the state in. Various law enforcement agencies become ubiquitous yet we don't seem to have consistent that's. Practices or policy a. Win that footage released the other from East Bay Senator Nancy Skinner makes exceptions to the longtime policy of keeping police misconduct records closed a narrow Bill that really addressed those. Issues that the public has a legitimate right to know a law, enforcement officers use of deadly force circumstances where there's been proven Sexual assault on the job by the law enforcement official and circumstances where the dishonesty. Relates to tampering evidence tampering with a. Witness Skinner and ting say they worked. With police unions on crafting the legislation governor Brown has until the end of September to decide on the bills gentlemen KCBS coming up on KCBS an. Apple self driving car is rear ended by a Nissan leaf hopefully nothing serious like that at two oh eight now but I'm sure you have. Plenty Cam we've certainly, had our, share on this holiday weekend and.

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