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There has been a lot of talk recently. Who the true villain was of the devil wears prada. Don't ask sharon stone. We know what she would say. But the toxic boss maranda briefly Wasn't that whiny little brat of a boyfriend. Nate was his name. What was it. it was nate. I thought it was miranda but in the most fabulous way never wears prada is one of those movies that no matter how many times i've seen it that we can always always watch it. She killed that role killed now. Everyone wants to be like a rule. Ian thought which she i mean the monologues that she performed about film. I mean every single the hair. That's all by the way your miranda if you're in a winter you almost have to be like. I know this is about me. I'm supposed to be the villain in this. She loves him. Y'all gave me meryl. Yes you kidding. And by the way anyone wintour is the only person who cannot be taken down. She is never leaving that position. Vogue is gonna turn into a different magazine before she steps down. Oh is gatekeeper of that place. And like i think it's probably all flattering and i'm sure not to go into a totally different topic. She had to be that way to be a woman in this industry and get her respect for as long as she's been around thousand percent she's going to look like queen elizabeth when she leaves. That cam is going be she. Chanel flat all-star chat ocho cinco has some thoughts about how much men should spend on a thursday. He replied to read on twitter and said anything over..

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