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We'll thank you. Mark. Who'd have thought the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix might be interesting and worthwhile talking about? That is the most impressive thing in 2021. The way kids started so innocently went from changes here. Here's a nice graph to illustrate the radius corners, which was great because I've always connoisseur of the F one 20 21 franchise. Never enjoyed the Mickey Mouse chicanes of Abu Dhabi. It was almost I would design for a different time when the cars were a lot more quad gargantuan. In size and proportions, the truck changes were pretty good. I mean, it wasn't, didn't generate, I guess this thrilling ricing that we expected. No, the result we got was different. Well, yes. That was a different very different rate. Especially if you've been I feel like you used to ride it was again the big winner of the everyday world for China because fourth in I mean he's had such a mixed bag of season. I think for the next, let's start with the very first rise for you. Yeah, so some people benefited I think from the changes. Yes, Christian Horner accused Karen chandrak of making it a Mercedes track, which is actually doing it for Yuki. How did we know? That's the controversy. It's under the radar. I wouldn't be surprised if someone's protesting that result after these rights. Exactly. Very strong result from Mickey sonoda. And good on it. You know what bloody good on it, if he's going to stick around for at least another year in Alfa tauri deserves the fourth place. Very nearly a party of I know, look, we will talk about other things, but he was only like, I wish I had the results in front of me. Like, less than a second away from a podium. We're going to have the cenote. And it is like being at a party and something bad is like someone is vomited all over the wall or something. And I'm describing what happened to this. No, no, that didn't happen. But if a college stand there and go. Yeah, I'm happy with it. Yeah, okay, but I'm not the story you want to talk to. Talk about today. Even worse, I think judging by the transcript I was not in the press conference, but that it was just max and science. I don't think Louis was in there. I don't think he made it there. Or he was just asked to know questions for some reason, but Carlos was in the post race. Yeah, yeah, okay. So I think he was going on. Yeah, I think he had reasons to be upset. But I like that he had to turn up and let people didn't ask him questions with max just there and he, you know. Very great first year for everybody by the way. I think that's the other underrated story. Well, I mean, he finished ahead of Charles the click on points. Shouldn't be on the list? He did. He finished fourth in the standings. I think he's good like that, Carlos. It's very steady to the hand. He'd fit. This Ferrari, again, in various wash ups of tame reviews, which will save a later on in future editions. Yeah, very strange for Ferrari. It wasn't as a title connection that I had last year. I don't know, it's kind of like, I don't know what they're doing. The 2022 car better be bloody good because it's been a strange thing. You said that supper was so far ahead of lobster all in the SMS and that one caught me. I wouldn't pick that, but there we go. Well, good for Carlos in that case. So that's your PD. You flew onto the right off. Yeah, exactly. Well, not on this show. The talks all the big issues give us a call. What else is going to have the whole types of what happens? Let's talk about other things. We'll do the cool take things. I also have to do this right. I don't know. I'm sure Nick was the same thing. He decides to look for staff at world champion first time, very good for him. And not as good for the result obviously. Unfortunate result of Lewis. He did not win. It was very close. He dominated the race. I would say, in fact, he was the world champion for 56. You have people say that Felipe Massa was to world champion for one lap or half a life whatever. Lewis Hamilton was a world champion with 57 and 58 laps. And then was it not after that for the candidate? In fact, yes, although the live ladder for half a lap, the womb showed that he was ahead and all of a sudden he said something racist and the audience turned out he didn't do that. But you understand off of him. He said something about taxes. He's going to raise taxes to pay for a bridge and then all of a sudden everyone voted for Max Verstappen. He was the winner of the championship. That's how I assume things working for me to one. And it was, I mean, it was in many respects the ending that the season, not necessarily, but certainly warranted, which is a scene in the deserves. So there's no point saying a second word. But after the year we had, they couldn't be as straightforward ending this season. No, it was. We protested by saying who knows what's going to happen by the time we next catch up and record?.

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