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I just my book just became a virtual book club book. And that's what they do. It's fourteen minutes a day for twenty eight days very yup. Yeah there's a reason that yeah. That's exactly right hats fascinating it's really about retention. I mean if you learn a lot of information in a short period of time your it's called the knowledge decay or you're forgetting curve is very steep. And so and you know. This intuitively when you've studied for a long time on a particular topic and then you didn't use it that next week two weeks later you're probably having a hard time remembering it. And and it's just because dollar decays very quickly right after you learn it if you don't use it and so that's where doing it smaller pieces and then getting content back in front of you. You're probably in those fourteen. Days are in twenty eight days. What's effective is this. You see at one day and then a couple of days later you see a little bit of it again. And so that's actually what starts cemented in your in your memory and Scott spaced repetition and And so that's a very effective way to not just learn it one time but actually To remember it which is really all that matters okay. So if i'm understanding this right we really need to be implementing. What we're learning quickly. You know. they need to be connected to each other. That's exactly right. Implementing it or revisiting it and re org reviewing the content and it may be reviewing similar content. If you you know you may not have the opportunity to use it at work right away but at least review the concepts not not terribly long after you learned it and that's the type of thing that commits to longer term memory is say okay. This is so interesting. Demand really is really is it really. I mean so if there's someone listening at their small business owner and their thinking okay. I might wanna make an adjustment Are there like first steps that you would suggest a hate to change the.

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